Win ‘Mindful Crochet’ book by Emma Leith


We’re already firm believers that crocheting and relaxation go hand in hand, which is why we absolutely LOVE the new ‘Mindful Crochet’ book by Emma Leith (super-star designer and regular contributor to Simply Crochet Magazine). Emma’s new book features 35 crochet patterns which have been specially designed to include strong elements of repetition, requiring you to engage your attention and just focus… Continue reading

9 steps to Mindfulness: crochet a daydream blanket

Crochet Therapy - Betsan Corkhill

In issue 47 we have Betsan Corkhill’s pattern for the ‘Blue Skies’ blanket. Betsan says: “Let this project be your key to a new way of thinking; like the sky, free of limitations, open minded, creative, liberating. Explore this new blue-sky thinking and allow it to help you achieve your dreams.” If you’re interested in mindfulness… Continue reading