What is… Tunisian crochet?

Try out this two-stage crochet stitch to create a sturdy, dense fabric that cleverly masquerades as weaving.   Tunisian crochet has many adopted names, including Afghan stitch, Fool’s stitch and Shepherd’s crochet, the latter based on the belief that shepherds used it to create warm fabrics with the spun yarn from their sheep. This type… Continue reading

Grab your hooks we’re all off to Crochet Camp this summer

Looking to learn to crochet this summer? We suggest you head to Kat Goldin’s online crochet camp for four weeks of cute projects, talking technique, interviews, and general crochet geekery. For four weeks, author, photographer, and Simply Crochet contributor Kat Goldin will be hosting camp crochet on her blog Slugs on the Refrigerator it’s a great… Continue reading

Issue 6 errata

Here are the corrections for Cara Medus’ wine bottle cover featured inside issue 06. Thank you to those who spotted the mistake so we could get it corrected! In Rows 18-22, it should not read ‘ss to top of beg ch-3’, as you are working in rows and not in the round. So…. From now… Continue reading

Love craft? Introducing Gathered by Mollie Makes for iPhone

Gathered by Mollie Makes is your weekly fix of quick craft ideas to make and enjoy. Originally exclusively available on the iPad, we’re excited to reveal that it is now available for the iPhone too! Gathered by Mollie Makes is packed full of crafty goodness. Every week you can count on: • Two exclusive craft… Continue reading

UK and US crochet conversion chart

For those of you who  prefer working with charts, here’s a basic key in both UK and US terms: We post a lot of free patterns on the Simply Crochet blog, most use UK terms but some use US terms too. This simple chart can help you translate our patterns and others on the web… Continue reading

Simply Crochet Abbreviations

For those of you who  prefer working with charts, here’s a basic key in both UK and US terms: All Simply Crochet patterns are written in UK terminology. This simple chart can help you translate our patterns and others on the web so they speak your language.

Free pattern: Beautiful blooms

Learn to make Jennifer May’s pretty crochet flower the perfect accessory to help reinvent your summer wardrobe. BASIC FLOWER PATTERN For a large flower, follow the complete pattern from rounds 1-4. For a medium flower, follow rounds 1-3 only. Foundation round Ch6, ss to first ch to join into ring. Round 1 Ch1 (does not… Continue reading

Free barefoot sandals crochet pattern

We love this free pattern for summer – whether you’re on the beach, by the pool, or just relaxing in the garden, these pretty sandals are the height of summer chic. And they’re so easy – make them using just chains, trebles and double crochet stitches. You can download the pattern here. And you can download more… Continue reading

A preview of Issue 07 out today!

This month we’re all about bold makes in jewel-coloured tones, making new friends with cute bears from Lee Mei Li and making sure we get our five a day with our cute crocheted apple ideas.

Beginner’s guide: Half treble crochet

A handy stitch that’s between double and treble crochet in size, and that looks slightly looser than double crochet.