Struggling with a pattern? Missing a subscription issue? Want to read Simply Crochet on your iPad, phone or computer?

You’ll find answers to all our most common enquiries here…

I have a problem with my subscription…

Unfortunately on the editorial team we have no access to subscribers’ details; instead you can contact our subscriptions bureau by phone or email.  You can email our Customer Service team:  simplycrochet@buysubscriptions.com or telephone UK 03330 162 146 International +44 1604 973 755


I think there’s an error in a pattern from Simply Crochet…

You can check our database of known errata here. They’re listed by issue, working backwards from the most recent issue.
If the pattern you’re using isn’t listed, or the problem you’ve found isn’t already listed under that issue, you can contact us by emailing simplycrochet@immediate.co.uk.

Errata queries are usually checked on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Most are answered the same day, but some occasionally need further investigation. If this is the case we will usually have a response within 4 working days – it does take time to check through a pattern and correct any errors.

To help us with your query please include the following:
Issue number, pattern name, the size you are making (if applicable), the yarn you are using.

Please describe what you are having trouble with, and preferably include a contact number as it can sometimes be easier to talk a query through.

Do you provide digital editions of Simply Crochet?

Yes, you can read Simply Crochet on your computer, phone, or tablet, from Zinio, Google Play, Apple Newsstand and Barnes & Noble. The Zinio edition is compatible with Windows computers, Android phones and tablets, and Apple iPhone and iPad; Google Play works on Android phones, Android tablets, and computers running Google Chrome; the Apple Newsstand version works on iPads, iPhones and the iPod touch; and the Barnes & Noble edition is for the Nook tablet or through the Nook browser on computers and laptops. See here for the links.



When are the issues available in shops overseas?

The speed of delivery depends on the various organisations involved in transportation, but as a guide, the issues will be on sale:

Europe: 1-2 weeks after the UK date

East coast of the USA: 4 weeks after the UK date

West coast of the USA: 5 weeks after the UK date

Australia: 6 weeks after the UK date

Don’t forget – if you don’t want to wait for your magazine, you can download a digital edition straightaway. See above for details.


How long do subscription copies take to arrive overseas?

Overseas copies are posted a week before the issue goes on sale in the UK. Speed of delivery to subscribers outside the UK depends on the quality of service provided by the various organisations during transportation. Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery to Europe, and 14 to 28 days for the rest of the world. Contact our subscriptions team if you have not received your magazine 14 days after the UK on-sale date. If you have ongoing problems with your subscription delivery, please contact us at simplycrochet@immediate.co.uk and we can look into it.


The latest issue is already on sale, but I haven’t received my subscriber’s print copy in the post…

If your issue has not arrived, please allow 7 days before requesting a replacement issue.

Our subscription copies are sent by BuySubscriptions, who uses the Royal Mail service to deliver any items. There are occasionally factors beyond our control which may delay delivery; you can find the latest news from Royal Mail here.
If your copy has not arrived after 7 days, then you can request a replacement. Please phone the subscriptions department on 03330 162 146  (UK) or +44 1604 973 755 (International), or email them at simplycrochet@buysubscriptions.com


The latest issue is already on sale, but I haven’t received my digital subscription copy…

If you subscribe to a digital edition of the magazine and you can’t download the latest issue after the on-sale date, please email us at simplycrochet@immediate.co.uk


Where can I buy a back issue?

You can buy back issues from the website. We generally have the last six issues available, but if the issue you’d like is out of stock in print, you can also follow the links on this page to buy a digital edition.


How do I change my name and/or address details for my subscription, or check how many issues are left in my subscription?

If you log into your account you can update your details, and check how long you have remaining on your subscription.

You’ll need your subscription number – the 10-digit number that can be found on your welcome email or letter at the beginning of your subscription. Your subscriber number is also printed on the address label that comes with your magazine each month.

Any change of address is effective immediately, but the next available issue may still sent to your old address if the address labels have already been processed.
If you have any problems finding or using your subscription number, please email our Customer Service team: simplycrochet@buysubscriptions.com or telephone UK 03330 162 146 International +44 1604 973 755.


Can I switch from a print subscription to a digital subscription?
The print and digital copies are handled by different departments, but you can cancel a magazine subscription at any time, and sign up for a digital subscription. You will be refunded for any unmailed print issues.