How to count your stitches

Knowing the anatomy of a crochet chain is the first stage in following any pattern. The first images shows the front of a chain – you’ll see that it looks like a plait. Have your chain this way round to count the stitches. The back of a chain has a row of bumps. As you can see… Continue reading

How to: slip stitch

This stitch has no height – often used to join rounds 1 You can make a slip stitch in any chain or stitch, to join this stitch to the working loop on the hook. To make a slip stitch, simply insert the hook into the stitch instructed, from front to back. 2 Catch the ball… Continue reading

Step-by-step: loop stitch

Loop stitch gets its name from the long loops it leaves behind. Getting the loop stitches’ loops all the same length takes some practice, but when you get the hang of it, the loop stitch is a fun and effective way to finish blankets, cushions and more. Step 1: Working from the Wrong Side, wrap… Continue reading

Diamond picot stitch chart

We couldn’t quite fit this chart into the mag, but we didn’t want you chart lovers to miss out! Use this chart to help you hook this gorgeous diamond bolster cushion inside issue 16!

Simply Crochet workshop: how to change colour in rows

The basic technique of changing colour in crochet is the same whether you’re working in rows or rounds, double or treble. You need to think ahead to where you want your colour change, then change yarn just before. Make a small swatch and then practise the technique by following this step-by-step guide. You can use… Continue reading

Twisted Headband – Issue 15

If you’re making the turban headband from issue 15, you’ll find a handy video showing how to twist your finished headband strap here.

What is… Irish Crochet?

Unlike most forms of crochet, worked in either rounds or rows, traditional Irish crochet is made up of motifs that are joined with mesh stitches, forming lace. While some crocheters seek to preserve this technique, others take alternative routes, making items purely from motifs, or hooking the mesh background first and attaching the motifs with… Continue reading

Cosy bear cowl issue 10

We’re sorry, there’s a correction to this pattern: The first asterisk on Round 3 of the Integrated Scarf should be deleted so that the round reads as follows: Round 3 (RS) 1dc in marked ch-1 sp (add marker), *ch1, skip next st, 1dc into ch-1 sp, ch1, skip next st; rep from * to marked… Continue reading

What is… Tunisian crochet?

Try out this two-stage crochet stitch to create a sturdy, dense fabric that cleverly masquerades as weaving.   Tunisian crochet has many adopted names, including Afghan stitch, Fool’s stitch and Shepherd’s crochet, the latter based on the belief that shepherds used it to create warm fabrics with the spun yarn from their sheep. This type… Continue reading

UK and US crochet conversion chart

For those of you who  prefer working with charts, here’s a basic key in both UK and US terms: We post a lot of free patterns on the Simply Crochet blog, most use UK terms but some use US terms too. This simple chart can help you translate our patterns and others on the web… Continue reading