Correction in Simply Crochet issue 11

We’re sorry, there’s a correction to the Snuggly Socks on p.23/24 After Round 7 of the Leg, it should read “Repeat last round a further 13 times”, not the last 3 rounds. Sorry, there’s a correction to the Woodland Family pattern on p.47-49, which was also in 101 Quick & Easy Crochet Makes.    Large… Continue reading

Cosy bear cowl issue 10

We’re sorry, there’s a correction to this pattern: The first asterisk on Round 3 of the Integrated Scarf should be deleted so that the round reads as follows: Round 3 (RS) 1dc in marked ch-1 sp (add marker), *ch1, skip next st, 1dc into ch-1 sp, ch1, skip next st; rep from * to marked… Continue reading

Errata in Simply Crochet issue 10

We’re sorry, there are some corrections to the Rose Quartz Jumper on page 40: The number of chains to work was missed off the beginning of the Yoke section, and the stitch count at the end of the following line should read ‘dc’ rather than ‘tr’: Ch123 (123: 123: 130: 130), turn. Row 1 (WS)… Continue reading

Issue 09 Errata

We’re sorry, there are some mistakes in two of the patterns in issue nine. For the jumper pattern in issue nine, the corrections follow below… Cream Jumper p.35 From the section marked ‘Front’ on p.37 onwards, the WS and the RS rows as stated in the pattern are the wrong way round. Every time a… Continue reading

Errata in issue 8

If you’re making the Aqua Poncho on page 60, here’s an extra diagram that our lovely Technical Editor, Cara, has supplied to give you some help with the making up. The dimensions of the poncho can be found in the sizing table to the right on p.60. When you’re making up the poncho, match the… Continue reading

Corrections in issue 4

We’re sorry but the length of the Tunisian crochet purse was wrong in issue 4. We stated that you should work in rows until it measures 32cm; it should be 16cm, which is 32 rows.  

Issue 6 errata

Here are the corrections for Cara Medus’ wine bottle cover featured inside issue 06. Thank you to those who spotted the mistake so we could get it corrected! In Rows 18-22, it should not read ‘ss to top of beg ch-3’, as you are working in rows and not in the round. So…. From now… Continue reading

Issue 3 errata

pg. 27 Hanging Basket Yarn quantities: 3 balls of White (001) Round 2: Round 2 Ch3, (2tr in next tr) around, tr in base of beg ch-3, ss to top of beg ch-3. [24 tr] There was also a difference in the shaping of the basket. Rounds 1-4 read as they have been published (with… Continue reading

Corrections for Issue 1

We have a few corrections from issue 1 of Simply Crochet, sorry for any inconvenience. Chunky Cowl, p.56 The tension and measurements information were missed off this pattern. They read as follows: Each row of the cowl forms the length of the cowl, and the top opening is narrower than the bottom. With RS facing… Continue reading

Issue 15 shape: full patterns

In our ‘shape’ feature for issue 15 (Bathroom Projects, page 69) we have some alternative pattern instructions; you may find these easier to follow: Face cloth Foundation chain 40 stitches. Row 1: Ch1, dc into every st to end [40 sts] Row 2: Ch3, (counts as tr), 1 tr in 4th in every stitch to… Continue reading