Corrections in issue 21

Here is the errata for issue 21: Amigurumi Dinosaurs p.56 On the Arms, it should read ‘Rounds 4-9 Dc in each dc around.’

Corrections in issue 20

Sun Hat p.38 We’re sorry, the maths was wrong in this first section. The first 8 rounds should be as follows, and not as printed. You should be increasing by 12 sts each round until the end of Round 6, then increase by 7 sts in Round 7 and 5 sts in Round 8. You can… Continue reading

Corrections in issue 19

Simply Crochet issue 19

We’re sorry, we have a correction to the Lacy Shawlette, p.27 The stitch count of Row 30 should be 175 sts. Row 31 should read as follows: Row 31 Ch5 (counts as tr, ch2), skip 2 sts, (1dc into next st, ch5, skip 5 sts) twice, (2dc into next st, ch5, skip 5 sts, 1dc… Continue reading

Corrections in issue 18

We’re sorry, there’s an error in the Child’s Dotty Jumper in issue 18. If you follow the pattern as written you’ll have the correct total number of rows to achieve the required length, but there should be another bobble row written into the pattern. The corrected version is below. In the Medium size there’s also… Continue reading

Corrections in issue 15

We’re sorry, in the Yoga Socks (page 25) the Notes say they’re worked from the ankle cuff down, but you start with the toe and work up. Then the colours are in the right order: pink first (yarn C), then grey (yarn B), purple (yarn A) and back to grey (B) again.   Lacy Shawl p.74-75 Yarn… Continue reading

Errata in Simply Crochet issue 14

Colour me Coral p.69 Small Heart: You do not need to turn at the end of Round 2, so Row 3 is worked on the RS. We also had a query about the ‘centre st’ – in Round 2 – it says ‘dtr (centre st)’, meaning that the double treble just worked is the centre stitch…. Continue reading

Errata in issue 12

Happy Holly Days p.63 We’re sorry, there’s a correction for this pattern, marked in red below: Round 2 should read: Ch1, ss in each of first 2 sts, 3htr in next st, 3dc, htr, 3tr in next st, htr, 3dc, 3htr in next st, 2ss, ch1, turn to work down other side, 1ss, 3htr in… Continue reading

Correction in Simply Crochet issue 11

We’re sorry, there’s a correction to the Snuggly Socks on p.23/24 After Round 7 of the Leg, it should read “Repeat last round a further 13 times”, not the last 3 rounds. Sorry, there’s a correction to the Woodland Family pattern on p.47-49, which was also in 101 Quick & Easy Crochet Makes.    Large… Continue reading

Cosy bear cowl issue 10

We’re sorry, there’s a correction to this pattern: The first asterisk on Round 3 of the Integrated Scarf should be deleted so that the round reads as follows: Round 3 (RS) 1dc in marked ch-1 sp (add marker), *ch1, skip next st, 1dc into ch-1 sp, ch1, skip next st; rep from * to marked… Continue reading

Errata in Simply Crochet issue 10

We’re sorry, there are some corrections to the Rose Quartz Jumper on page 40: The number of chains to work was missed off the beginning of the Yoke section, and the stitch count at the end of the following line should read ‘dc’ rather than ‘tr’: Ch123 (123: 123: 130: 130), turn. Row 1 (WS)… Continue reading