Corrections in Simply Crochet issue 47

We have a correction in our Summer Shawls supplement, with Simply Crochet issue 47: Lace Shawl p.6 The stitch count at the end of Row 3 should read ‘7 sections of 22 tr and 6 ch-1 sps; 160 sts total’.   Lace Top p.60 Lacy Top p.58. On Row 4 of the Waistband, there should be… Continue reading

Correction in Simply Crochet issue 46

Pansy Blue Butterfly pattern p.31 In Rnd 3, there should not be a second asterisk in the round. The repeat should be *ss into next sp between sts, 7tr into next ch-2 sp; rep from * 6 more times, ss to top beg ch-3. You can also find a chart for this pattern below, if… Continue reading

Correction in Simply Crochet issue 45

Camper Cushions p.27. You will need 2 balls of Yarn A Cream, and not one as stated.  

Correction in Simply Crochet issue 44

Baby Blanket p.74 Change back to Yarn B at the end of Row 65, and then Rows 66-89 should read ‘Repeat Rows 20-46’. The row counts for the remainder of the pattern will be 3 rows out, but the pattern itself is correct.

Corrections in Simply Crochet issue 43

Ankylosaurus p.43.   Rounds 1-8 of the Body should read as follows: BODY Make a magic loop. Round 1 (RS) 6dc into the loop. [6 sts] Round 2 2dc in each st around. [12 sts] Round 3 (1dc, 2dc in next st) 6 times. [18 sts] Round 4 (2dc, 2dc in next st) 6 times…. Continue reading

Correction in Simply Crochet issue 42 – Tunisian crochet supplement

Tunisian Crochet supplement

Entrelac Cushion, Tunisian Crochet supplement p.17. The instruction for how to work the Tunisian Increase (Tssinc) stitch has been missed out: Tssinc (Tunisian Simple Stitch increase) in the next st Insert the hook under the horizontal bar before the next st, pull up a loop and leave it on the hook, insert the hook from… Continue reading

Corrections in Simply Crochet issue 41

Simply Crochet 41 cover

If you’re hooking any of the patterns from issue 41, please check the following pattern updates: Baby Bootees, p.74. Round 3 of the Sole should read: Round 3 Htr in each of first 2 sts, 2htr in each of next 3 sts, 8 (9: 11) htr, (2htr in next st, htr in next st) 6… Continue reading

Lace collar in Simply Crochet issue 40

Issue 40 lacy collar

This pretty lace collar pattern is in issue 40, designed by Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz in Rowan’s Kidsilk Haze Shine. This collar is fairly straightforward to make, but the lacy structure, fancy fibres and Swarovski crystals make it look and feel extra special. If you’re thinking of hooking this using Kidsilk Haze Shine please note you will… Continue reading

Corrections in issue 40

Green bobble jumper, p.40 Under the heading ‘Sleevehead Decreases’, the instruction should read ‘decrease one st at each end of the next 2 rows’ to achieve the stitch count written. Baby dungarees, p.68 On the Leg Shaping, the rows have been misnumbered; there are no missing rows in the pattern. Rows 6-8 should be numbered… Continue reading

Corrections in Simply Crochet 39

Simply Crochet issue 39

Sorry, but there’s a little mistake in the Amigurumi Penguin pattern on p.68! On the Body of the Large Penguin, Rounds 7-11 should read Rounds 7-16, so there are five additional rounds of plain dc. Then continue as written from Round 12 to finish. After working the last round of the Body, continue working another… Continue reading