Corrections in issue 34 Simply Crochet


Mandala Waistcoat, p. 52-55 When beginning first segment, instead of reading “With Poppy Red, ch8 ss into first ch to form a ring” followed by “Row 1 (RS) Ch9…” it should read: Ch17, ss into 8th ch from hook, Then follow the pattern as you would have after the ch9 (so dc into next ch,… Continue reading

Corrections in Simply Crochet issue 33

SCM33.Cover_rgb_2000px copy

Simply Crochet, Issue 33, Supplement: Round mandala blanket, p.4 Round 23 should read: Ch1 (does not count as st), dc in first ss, *ch2, skip next ch-3 sp, dc in next ss, ch1, skip next ch-3 sp, dc in next ss; rep from * around, ss in first dc. [42 ch-1 sp and 42 ch-2 sp]… Continue reading

Corrections in Issue 32

Simply Crochet issue 32

Sorry, but there’s a bit of a mistake with the Sugar & Spice cardi pattern on p.66-68. Row 8 should read: Ch1 (does not count as st), dc into back loop of each st to end, turn, changing to Yarn A.

Corrections in Amigurumi Collection


We’ve just produced a special edition, the Amigurumi Collection, and there is a mistake with the Santa pattern (originally from Simply Crochet Issue 12). Underneath the heading ‘Beard and Face’ it should read: With White, ch13.

Corrections in Issue 31


Sorry, but there’s a bit of a mistake with the Bertie Bear pattern, on p.36. In the ‘Head’ section it should say to place the eyes between Rounds 9 and 10, not 23 and 24 as stated. Also, for the Pink Shawl, on p.40, Row 5 should read …(3tr in next ch-2 sp, ch1) 8 times, dc… Continue reading

Granny treble top – issue 30

Granny treble chart

If you’re hooking the Granny treble top – issue 30 – we have some extra help from our lovely technical editor, as several readers were confused by the instructions for the arm shaping. Cara says “It looks odd that the first row increases by 2 clusters and the following rows only by 1, but it… Continue reading

Corrections in Simply Crochet issue 17

We have an update for the Cupcake Tea Cosy p.53 In the section marked ‘Cupcake Case’, you will need to work extra rows. After you split the case into two, work Rows 1 and 2 as written. Then work two rows as follows: Next Row Ch2 (counts as htr), FPhtr in each BPhtr st from previous row,… Continue reading

Corrections in issue 29


Long Sleeved Top, pg. 32 We’re sorry that there is a small mistake in the ‘You Will Need’ list for this pattern. Yarn weight should read Aran, not 4ply. The stated hook size of 3mm is correct.   Lacy Shawl, p.58 The 5mm hook should not have been listed in the ‘You Will Need’ column…. Continue reading

Corrections in issue 27


We have a few corrections in issue 27. Spike Stitch, on page 51. Please note that the Basic Spike Stitch Pattern is correct as written, but you will need to fasten off the yarn and rejoin the new colour at the end of each row. Spike Stitch Legwarmers For the Legwarmers, use 3 balls of… Continue reading

Corrections in issue 26


We’re sorry, we have two corrections for patterns in issue 26. Cabled Cardigan, p.41 On the Sleeves, after repeating Rows 5-12, it states that there should be 43 rows in total. There are actually 44 rows at this point, but all of the other maths details in this section are correct. In addition, the 3-st… Continue reading