Mindful mandala from issue 86

Simply Crochet issue 86 Mandala

Mindfulness is having a fashion moment, appearing everywhere from social media to supermarkets. Now you can practise perfect presence as you protect your furnishings, with this beautiful mandala table mat. Made up in 2ply yarn, the finished piece has a delicate and lacy appearance, while the colour-clash neon shades prevent the doily from looking too… Continue reading

Get ready for Granny Square Day 2019

Granny Square Day 2019

Granny Square Day returns on Thursday 15th August 2019, so makes sure to put the date in your diary – this years going to be bigger and better than ever! We’ve been getting ready for this years event and working hard to bring you lots of special tutorials, videos, freebies and more which we’ll be… Continue reading

Jester minute – Harlequin Scarf From issue 86

Simply Crochet issue 86 Harlequin Scarf

Take a fashion tip from the medieval courts with this pastel-tone harlequin scarf. Made up from a series of colourful diamonds, undulating edges and shaping on each motif give the scarf fabulous drape when made up, for an attention-grabbing accessory that can take you from summer to winter. Learn how to do Tunisian crochet UK… Continue reading

Daisy skein – Daisy Top in issue 86

Simply Crochet issue 86 Daisy Top

You might be too old for daisy-chain necklaces now, but you can still capture the idyllic innocence they evoke in this floral scoop-neck Daisy top. Lain upon a meadow-green top this intermediate make is a fresh, sunny-day garment you’ll reach for summer after summer. How to make a Magic Loop Check out our free crochet… Continue reading

Ring ring – Crochet Napkin Rings

Simply Crochet issue 85 Napkin Rings

Half of dining is with our eyes, so give guests a visual feast before the starter’s up. We’ve gone for powerhouse brights with our napkin rings from issue 85, but you can match your colours to your crockery to make table set co-ords. Quick, easy, practical and long-lasting, this is a project well worth spending an… Continue reading

That’s a wrap – Spots and Stripes Scarf

Simply Crochet issue 85 Scarf

When it comes to warm weather, you don’t need a fussy jumper with sleeves and suchlike – you need a slick wrap that can double as a picnic blanket, such as with this spots and stripes scarf from issue 85. Our colourful number is a simple enough make, plus the issue comes with a whole… Continue reading

Al fresco fiesta – Garden Rug

Simply Crochet issue 85 Garden Rug

Strong colours and folky motifs will make this garden rug from issue 85 a firm favourite. Use it as an outdoor throw for sunny-day picnics – the thick aran-weight yarn and dense split double crochet stitch is perfect for chucking over a lawn and laying out your lunch munch on. There are two rug sizes… Continue reading

Easy Breezy Poncho

Simply Crochet issue 85 Poncho

Take this poncho pattern from issue 85 on your summer holiday and you could be modelling your new top  by the end of the week. An airy stitch design makes it an über-quick hook, and a perfect poolside layer. Worked in one piece, then folded and joined, the poncho shape is also simple enough for… Continue reading

Mother of Dragons – Crochet Hand Puppets

Issue 85 dragon hand puppets

Hit the road Punch and Judy, here are Dante and Daphne! These hand-operated thespians from issue 85 are just the thing for an impromptu bit of theatre – is the world ready for an all-dragon retelling of Romeo and Juliet? Created in the amigurumi style, these intermediate makes are designed for adult-sized hands, but could… Continue reading

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Yellow jumper – frilled two pieces

Yellow Jumper

Sometimes it’s all about a meditative make. With its simple and repetitive pattern this pullover is a bliss-out creation that suits all levels – while appearing highly advanced! The back and the front are identical, so you only need hook the T-shaped jumper panel twice, and then join them up to make this cheery casual…. Continue reading