Free Granny Square – Day 4: Granny Doreen

Free Granny Square Pattern Day 4 Doreen

Our fourth Free Daily Granny Square in the run up to GrannySquareDay2019 is Granny Doreen! This Square continues on the theme of the past three squares, but we’re now going to get a bit fancy with our clusters!

If you need any help with this pattern, check out our tutorials here!

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P.S. Blocking makes a big difference to the final shape of your squares. Because of this we’ve left our squares unblocked in each picture so you’ll have a better idea of what yours will look like before blocking. With the print edition of Issue 87 of Simply Crochet you also get our awesome foam blocking board that is perfect for these squares. If you’re new to blocking, you can find our Blocking Tutorial Video here!

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Free Granny Square Pattern Day 4 Doreen

This design was originally published in Simply Crochet Magazine and on the Simply Crochet Granny Square App from 2014.