Get ready for Granny Square Day 2019

Granny Square Day 2019

Granny Square Day returns on Thursday 15th August 2019, so makes sure to put the date in your diary – this years going to be bigger and better than ever!

We’ve been getting ready for this years event and working hard to bring you lots of special tutorials, videos, freebies and more which we’ll be announcing shortly (make sure you’re following us on Instagram for all of the latest updates)! We’re now into the 6th year of Granny Square Day, but if this is your first time then read on to find out all about this special day!

Granny Square Day was created in 2014 by US crochet whizz Susan Regalia, who realised that Instagram’s iconic grid format could be used to replicate the patchwork arrangement of the classic granny square blanket online. Others soon caught on to the concept and so Granny Square Day was born – bringing the worldwide crochet community together in a celebration of design and colour. “A blanket is a gift of comfort and love,” says Susan. “When any of us view or contribute some of these granny squares, it’s as though we join in to a giant world hug with each other!” 

Granny Square Day collage

Granny Square day soon gained a huge popularity, with thousands of people submitting squares from all over the world. In 2015 Granny Square Day had become too big for one person alone to manage, so Susan contacted Simply Crochet to ask us to take over running the day (which was a huge honour for us). This year we’ve even recruited some crochet superstars to help us celebrate this fantastic day – our 2019 crochet ambassadors are Sharna Moore, Sarah Shrimpton, Dedri Uys and Katie Jones!

It’s easy to get involved. On (or before) August 15, take a photo of your granny square and crop the photo into a square shape, so that the granny square neatly fills up the entire space (a four-round traditional granny works well, but feel free to make yours as simple or as detailed as you like). On the day, upload the picture onto your Instagram account, and – most importantly of all – make sure to post it with the hashtag #grannysquareday2019. Your square will then be added to the virtual blanket! To see the blanket, search #grannysquareday2019 – you will need to be viewing in Instagram’s standard three-wide format to get the full effect.

We’ll be bringing you more information and fun stuff soon (oh and if you want to read more check out our article in issue 86). But for now you’ve got a month to hook up your superb squares – we can’t wait to see them all!