Are you taking part in our Hook ‘n’ Learn crochet–along?


We’re at the halfway point in our Hook ‘n’ Learn crochet–along designed by Lucy Croft, and we’re loving how many of you have been getting involved! In the first half we’ve covered 6 fantastic stitches – block stitch, waffle stitch, shell stitch, spike stitch, cable stitch, and the most recent granny stripe stitch in issue 73 which is out now! We’ve got 6 more fab stitches to go, and then the final part will be joining all of your segments together to create a stunning 1.25m x 1.25m blanket!

Hook n Learn Blanket

But if you’ve missed out, then don’t worry, you can still catch up and get involved. We have each of the previous parts of the CAL so far available on Ravelry. The first 3 parts are available for free, and each part after that is available for the very reasonable price of just 99p each.

You can find all of our Hook ‘n’ Learn parts on Ravelry here

or alternatively if you want to catch up on the whole magazine –

You can buy our back issues here!

Don’t forget to also join our Hook ‘n’ Learn Facebook group. It’s a fabulous community where as well as sharing your in-progress photos, you can also get advice and support from other crocheters, as well as being the first place to get all of the latest updates on our CAL!

The Hook ‘n’ Learn CAL has been created so that you have two different yarns to choose from! Choose from beautiful soft shades of Scheepjes Stone Washed XL or the bright tones of Sheepjes Colour Crafter yarn. You can find all of the yarn quantities you’ll need for each project below, and you can buy special Hook ‘n’ Learn kits for both Scheepjes Stone Washed XL and Colour Crafter yarns from and .

Hook n learn quantities colourcrafter


Stone Washed Blanket quantities