Hook ‘n’ Learn now on Ravelry

hook 'n' Learn

We’ve been blown away by how many of you have been getting involved with our Hook ‘n’ Learn crochet-along by Lucy Croft. Issue 70 features part 3,  which is a real beauty – this stunning shell stitch!

shell stitch

But if you missed out on the first two parts, don’t worry, it’s not too late to catch up! We’ve now put both Part 1 & Part 2 on Ravelry for Free! We’ll be putting the following parts on Ravelry too (for a very reasonable price). And if you’re thinking about subscribing, we’ll make sure you get any parts that you missed as well! Find out more about our latest subscription offer here.

We’ve also got a dedicated Facebook which has grown into a real community, where people not only share their progress but help each other out, offer advice and opinions, and we’re even starting to see meet-ups being arranged so people can start crocheting together – which is amazing! Pop on over and join our group here!