Corrections for Simply Crochet issue 68

hook 'n' learn blanket

We have corrections for the following patterns:

Hook ‘n’ Learn Feature, p48-49

On the ‘Colour Crafter Version Only’ section at the end of the pattern, this should say Rows 6-39 (or until piece measures 32cm ending with an odd row). The Stone Washed XL version is correct in saying ‘until piece measures 40cm’

Easter Egg Pull-Out Pattern Card

On the Easter egg pattern card we say that you can watch a tutorial on how to make these eggs on our Youtube channel – this refers to the stiffening process using the balloons and PVA glue, and not the crochet pattern itself (although you can find separate tutorials for the individual stitches). You can find the PVA glue video here.

Ruffle Accessories Socks, p22

You will require 2 balls of the Yarn A Pumice for these socks. We think the small size may be possible with just the one ball, but we would recommend airing on the side of caution and making sure you have 2 to avoid disappointment.