Corrections for Simply Crochet issue 67

issue 67 cardigan

We have corrections for the following patterns.

Mandala Mat, p.24-25.

The mini mandala’s and decoration sections require the following colour chart which was omitted.

mandala mat colour chart

Lacy Cardigan, p.27-30.

There is a misprint in the sizing chart, the cardigan requires 10 (11, 12, 13) 50g balls of Wendy Merino DK (not 100g as stated).

Party Shark, p44-47.

The instruction to make 2 of the tail pieces has been missed off. You make two of the tail pieces, sew the first rounds together around the base once you’ve stuffed them, and then sew them on to the back of the Shark.

Hook to Hook gloves/mittens, p. 59-62.

The yarn colour codes are the wrong way around for both of these patterns, it should say

1 ball of Yarn A Chestnut (03)

2 balls of Yarn B Gold (09)