Corrections for Simply Crochet Issue 66

scandi jumper

We have corrections for the following patterns.


Ski Sunday Scandi Jumper, p.24-27

The icon at the top of the page is incorrect, the Drops Air yarn used is actually Aran weight

The Yarn quantities on the sizing table are incorrect and should be.

Yarn A – 7 balls (8 balls for size 16-18 and 9 balls for size 20-22)

Yarns B-F – 1 ball of each (for all sizes)

We have also identified a mistake in round 7 of the body section, it should read as follows.

Round 7 Ch3, *tr in each of next 4 (4: 5: 5) sts, 2tr in next st, tr in each of next 4 (5: 5: 6) sts; rep from * around, omitting last tr, ss to top of beg ch-3 to join. 160 (176: 192: 208) sts


Firebird Shawl, p.31

The icon at the top of the page is incorrect, this pattern uses a 3mm hook and yarn weight is 4ply. The following rows are also incorrect and should be replaced by the below:

Increase section:

Row 19 Repeat Row 11.

Rows 20-23 Repeat Rows 10-11 twice.

Row 24 Repeat Row 10. [20 sts]

Rows 25-27 Repeat Rows 16-18.

Rows 28-63 Repeat Rows 10-27 twice more. [44 sts]

Decrease section:

Row 1 Ch2, tr in next st (counts as tr2tog throughout), tr in each st across to end, turn. [43 sts]

Row 2 Ch3, tr in each st across to last 2 sts, tr2tog, turn. [42 sts] 

Row 10 Repeat Row 2.

Rows 11-14 Repeat Row 1-2 twice.

Row 15 Repeat Row 2.

Rows 16-18 Repeat Rows 7-9.

Rows 19-54 Repeat Rows 1-18 twice more.


Fingerless Mitts, p.23

These were incorrectly credited to Fran Morgan, they were actually designed by Bryony Hitchcock.


Amigurumi Doll, p.41-43

The hair section should say to use Yarn B (black)

On both leg sections, Rounds 17-30 should actually be Rounds 17-43


Chunky Throw, p.73

The icon at the top of the page is incorrect, this throw uses jumbo weight yarn and a 30mm hook


Tickled Pink Hat, p.31

On the ‘To Finish’ instructions, it should say: dc in bl across first row to join.