Crochet designer challenge: vote for your favourite crochet pattern in our new Hook to Hook competition

In Simply Crochet issue 65 you’ll find our new Hook to Hook designer challenge, and this issue it features designs by Megan Hocking and Kate Alinari.


“When I first saw this yarn I immediately thought how beautiful it was, Megan told us, “I wanted to make my shawl just as lovely, using pretty stitch patterns, but without over-complicating it, as I really wanted to let the colours of the yarn speak for themselves. The rich, vibrant hues remind me of my garden, which is where I got my inspiration from – the last of this year’s flowers are still popping up in their beds, the hardy little things!” You’ll find more of Megan’s pretty crochet designs on

hook to hook shawl by Megan Hocking

Kate was also inspired by flowers, she told us, “My Bougainvillea Shawl is inspired by the plant, with its delicate owers. For me, bougainvillea means holidays, travelling and tropical countries. With my shawl I wanted to emulate summer colours, so you can wrap yourself in a warm hug of owers. I’m trying to grow a bougainvillea in my garden in Italy – it’s not big, but it’s growing. I’m looking forward to seeing its flowers next summer.” Find out more about Kate and her designs at

Hook to hook shawl by Kate Alinari

You can vote for your favourite of these two designs on our Simply Crochet Instagram page – double tap on the one you prefer. And one lucky reader will win all the DY Choice Apollo yarn that you need to make the project.

The competition closes on Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 1 pm, and for full terms and conditions click here.