Corrections in Simply Crochet issue 64

We have a correction for the following pattern

Amigurumi Santa p.38.

On the LEG (MAKE 2) section, there is no round 15. This is a mistake with the numbering and the pattern remains unaffected.

On the BELT section, it should say ‘Using Yarn B’ rather than Yarn C.


Supernova Granny Blanket p.69.

On the JOINING and EDGING section, it incorrectly says to use ‘Pearl Grey’. This is a mistake and should say Gray Lilac.


Lacy Top, p.44.

In the Yoke section, Round 3 should read “2tr in first st, tr in each tr around working (tr, ch1, tr) in each of first 3 ch-sps and 1 tr in last ch-sp, ch1, ss to top of beg ch-3.”