The Bristol Crochet Crocodile

When we heard about a crochet exhibition just down the road from our office, we just had to go take a look! So we popped over during our lunch break to get a couple of snaps….get it, snaps!

This amazing crochet crocodile is the brainchild of one of our favourite Bristolian creatives, Vicky Harrison. If you think Vicky’s name sounds familiar, she was the organiser of last year’s major Briswool exhibition, where Vicky and volunteers created a 3d knitted and crocheted map of Bristol city. Vicky is well known for her passion and dedication to organising local craft & community art projects, which has led to her dedicating herself to her new community interest company – Crafting the City.

The Bristol crocodile has been funded by the City Arts team and was made over a 6-month period through various workshops. demonstrations, online tutorials and patterns by Vicky. The life-size crocodile frame was made using papier mache and wire, and is largely made up of motifs that Vicky designed, taking inspiration from tiles and cogs from the surrounding dockyard.

The crocodile is part of a 3-year project taking the dockside as its inspiration, so expect plenty more amazing crochet installations form Vicky in the future. We love how Vicky’s projects get so many people from the community involved and how her projects appeal to such a mix of people. We especially loved the display of coloured-in crocodiles by the visiting children.

Oh and if you’re wondering why a crocodile? – Well it all stems back to a couple of years ago when a bus driver thought he spotted a crocodile swimming across the river, the story hit the national press and every now and then the odd sighting still gets reported. It has since become something of a Bristol legend.

The Crocodile is on display in its current location at the SS Great Britain in Bristol for this week only, but there are sure to be more sightings of him soon. For the latest updates and how to get involved in future projects, keep an eye on the Crafting the City website.