Corrections in Simply Crochet Issue 58

We have corrections for the Frank&Olive Doughnut Dress on p.50 from Issue 58

On Round 1 of the Skirt, all stitches are tr stitches; it should read ‘tr in each ch of the ch-6 of the underarm’ and not dc as stated.

The yarn quantities stated in the original pattern for Magic Mint are incorrect. 1 ball is required for all sizes. All other yarn quantities are given correctly.

The alternative yarn suggested (DROPS Love 5) is no longer available. DROPS Paris is a close match with 75m per 50g. So we would suggest 2 balls of Paris for the yoke for all sizes.

As we are working out a substitute yarn that is sold in 50g balls not 100g balls we have simply doubled the quantities, however, it may be that 1 ball is sufficient for the yoke on the smallest size and for the cream stripe. It is impossible to calculate this accurately from the original sample so we have erred on the safe side by doubling quantities.

If you are planning on using a yarn substitute other than those that we have recommended, please remember to check the meterage as well as the weight so that you don’t end up buying too much yarn.

The sizing of the dress is generous, it is designed to be loose-fitting. Please ensure your swatch meets the tension given in the pattern for the best outcome.