Crochet Amigurumi Collection on sale now

Amigurumi Collection magazine cover

The special edition crochet Amigurumi Collection magazine is now on sale, featuring your favourite projects from Simply Crochet plus a few new treats! Bursting with super-cute creatures from dogs and dinosaurs to robots and rabbits, Amigurumi Collection is an essential compendium for crochet lovers.

Making amigurumi figures has to be one of the most fun things you can do as a crocheter. These Japanese-inspired creations with their oversized heads and cute details are so adorable. And it’s not just people and animals that can get the amigurumi treatment – even food can be cute with a smiley face on it!

Inside the magazine you’ll find 54 designs to suit everyone, taking in mini critters, tiny people, and fun figures. If you’re new to amigurumi you’ll find plenty of inspiration, such as the woodland animals on page 40 and the irresistible fruit and veg on page 104 (see them all below), while if you’re a more experienced crocheters you’ll love a big project like Claude the Octopus as your next challenge.

Amigurumi Collection magazine contents

As well as these gorgeous designs, we’ve also included a handy workshop to improve your skills, which shows you how to add facial features to your creations and really bring them to life.

Head over to Issuu to look through a free sample of the magazine, and pick up your copy in WHSmiths or larger supermarkets. If you can’t get to the shops or you’re overseas you can buy a copy online here, or download a digital edition from the Simply Crochet app.

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