Correction in Simply Crochet issue 53

Simply Crochet CAL pattern issue 53

In issue 53 there’s an update to the January Blues mandala on page 96:

The repeat section of Round 7 should read *ch6, skip next dc of Round 5, (tr, ch1, tr, ch1, tr) in next tr of Round 5; rep from * 6 more times, complete as written.

There’s also an update to the Pick ‘n’ Mix CAL pattern on page 33 (subscribers only):

After Round 8, there is a round missing. For this missing round, work as follows:

Join Yarn F with a ss to any ch-4 sp, (ch3, ss in next ch-4 sp) 24 times, working last ss in first ss of Round.

You will then continue working from Round 9 of the pattern, but instead of joining Yarn F as written (you are already working with it), ss into the next ch-3 sp before starting. Round 9 refers to ch-4 sps of the previous round, so these will be ch-3 sps instead, but the stitches themselves are accurate.

When you have finished there will be a total of 12 rounds in the pattern.