Crochet video tutorials on our Youtube channel

Simply Crochet Yarniversity

Did you know we have a large collection of crochet video tutorials on our Youtube channel? You can watch them free here, including the Yarniversity tutorials by Lou Barnes. In her video series you can master the basic stitches from the slip knot and chains, plus double crochet, treble crochet and half treble stitches. You can also get extra help with stitches in each issue: crocodile stitch in issue 49, loop stitch in issue 50, and filet stitch in issue 51.

You can also view our tutorials on Tunisian crochet: foundation rows, simple stitch, knit stitch and purl stitch.

And if you’re a left-handed crocheter, we have videos for you too. Lou’s Yarniversity series includes guides to half treble stitches and double crochet for lefties.

Find out more about Lou Barnes and her Yarnistry crochet here.