9 steps to Mindfulness: crochet a daydream blanket

Crochet Therapy - Betsan Corkhill

In issue 47 we have Betsan Corkhill’s pattern for the ‘Blue Skies’ blanket. Betsan says: “Let this project be your key to a new way of thinking; like the sky, free of limitations, open minded, creative, liberating. Explore this new blue-sky thinking and allow it to help you achieve your dreams.”

If you’re interested in mindfulness and how crochet can help, see Betsan’s 9 steps below.

 Blue Skies crochet blanket - Betsan Corkhill

Daydreaming exercise

Choose a quiet, safe space to practice this exercise as you crochet. Allow yourself plenty of time for your dreams to develop and inspire.

  1. As your hands begin their rhythmic work, notice your breath and feel the calmness of this moment infuse your soul. Give yourself permission to daydream.
  2. Focus on the steady, strong rhythm of your heart and begin to nurture those hidden dreams held within – your heart’s desires.
  3. Softly begin to explore the aspirations you’ve held there, and as you do so, feel your thoughts gently untether from the demands and problems of the world.
  4. Allow your dreams to grow and flow. Feel them expand beyond the confines of your body into the space around you. There are no restrictions.
  5. Take time to enjoy the sensation of thoughts that are completely free from the constraints of your daily routines.
  6. Notice an emerging sense of excitement as your imagination opens up new doors, fresh possibilities and pathways. Allow yourself the confidence to explore these further.
  7. As your confidence grows, you will begin to feel strong and able. Be aware of a renewed sense of who you truly are. Discover your inner strength.
  8. You are a wonderfully unique human being. Focus on your skill and the beautiful work you are able to create. Realise your full potential, because you can. Acknowledge what’s in your heart.
  9. Drift back to the real world with a desire to live life fully, to make the most of every precious moment. Make the decision to explore and enjoy the wonderful opportunities life has to offer.

For more on how crochet can help you live a mindful life, check out Bethan’s book Crochet Therapy, published by Apple Press (RRP £12.99). To find stockists and further details, visit www.quartoknows.com

And for more details of what’s inside issue 47, or where to buy or download your copy, click here.