Corrections in Simply Crochet issue 47

We have a correction in our Summer Shawls supplement, with Simply Crochet issue 47:

Lace Shawl p.6

The stitch count at the end of Row 3 should read ‘7 sections of 22 tr and 6 ch-1 sps; 160 sts total’.


Lace Top p.60

Lacy Top p.58.

On Row 4 of the Waistband, there should be a repeat asterisk as follows:

Ch5 (counts as tr and ch2), *tr into next ch-5 sp, ch2, tr into next dc,**…

The headings on the charts for the Main Stitch Pattern and the Waistband are the wrong way round, so the Waistband chart is the one at the top of the page.