Crochet Tutorials: Beaded Crochet

In these tutorial blog posts, you’ll find simple step-by-step guides to many useful stitches and techniques that you’ll use every time you pick up a hook. This time, we’re showing you how to work a beaded treble stitch and how to thread a bead onto your yarn! To put these techniques into practice, check out the wedding collection in issue 44, on sale now.

How to work a beaded treble stitch


Beaded treble stitch 1

1. Start a treble stitch as usual: yrh, insert hook into next stitch, yrh, pull up a loop. Slide a bead along the yarn so that it sits right up next to the fabric, at the reverse of your stitch.

Beaded treble stitch 2

2. Finish the stitch as usual, holding the bead in place while you do so, if needed. Work yrh, making sure you catch the yarn with the hook beyond the bead…

Beaded treble stitch 3

3. …pull the yarn through the first 2 loops on the hook. Finish the stitch by working yrh and pull through the remaining 2 loops.

Beaded treble stitch 4

4. Repeat from Step 1 to make more beaded trebles. Work these stitches on wrong side rows and this is how the stitches will look on the right side of the fabric.

How to string beads onto your yarn

String beads 1

1. Cut a small length of sewing cotton, thread one end through the eye of a sewing needle, pull through and knot the ends together.

String beads 2

2. Now take the end of your yarn and pass it through the centre of the circle you made out of sewing cotton.

String beads 3

3. Carefully pass the sewing needle through a group of around four beads, gently moving them over the sewing cotton and then…

String beads 4

4. …move the beads gently down onto your yarn. Repeat from step 3 with more beads to string the number you need onto your yarn.

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