Join the #crochetgirlgang

Super hooksters Emma Potter (of Potter & Bloom) and Emma Friedlander-Collins (of Steel & Stitch) have founded an inspiring new Instagram hashtag that encourages us to share our creations and spread the crochet love. We caught up with Emma Potter to find out more.

“After months of simmering away behind the scenes, the #crochetgirlgang is now live and creating a bit of a buzz on Instagram with people using the hashtag to become part of a community of like-minded women who want their crochet world to be all about support, encouragement and solidarity.

Crochet is big news right now. It’s super on-trend, creative, colourful and most importantly a soothing place to retreat to when our busy lives require us to relax. In line with this the crochet community is massive and getting bigger all the time, just browsing the crochet hashtag on Instagram will show you how far the craft has come in recent years. It is a wonderful place to be, there is so much colour, creativity and talent out there, huge numbers of people are learning how to crochet, getting better at crocheting and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with a hook and some wool.

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For me, creativity is an expression of who we are and so sharing that in any way, not just on social media sites, but in everyday life, too, makes us vulnerable. You might be sitting on the bus crocheting, posting something on Facebook that you’ve made, sending a crocheted gift to a friend or emailing a design pitch to a magazine. It doesn’t matter what it is, or whether you’ve designed something or followed or pattern, whatever you create and share takes courage and this is where the girlgang comes in.

The crochetgirlgang is a support network of people who are going to clap you on the back and say well done, you did good. There is no judgement, criticism or backstabbing and all who take part are equal.

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So why a girlgang and not a persongang? Well, as an unapologetic feminist I believe that women instinctively feel nervous about showing up and showing off. We tend to suffer from this pesky imposter syndrome that stifles our natural creativity and whether intended or not, this is mostly felt in peer groups and creative communities.

My remedy is to push those boundaries of comfort aside and do what you want to do anyway.  And this is where the crochetgirlgang hashtag idea was born, I wanted to make a happy, positive place online that would celebrate sisterhood ALWAYS. The crochetgirlgang promotes solidarity, girls supporting and loving one another instead of negativity and throwing shade. It’s not a difficult mission statement – there’s only one rule of the crochetgirlgang, and that is ‘be NICE!'”