Our week with One Man Crochet

One Man Crochet

Last week we were joined in the office by blogger and crochet obsessive Matthew Spiers (aka One Man Crochet). We asked him to write a little bit about his time with us…

“I wanted to get an insight into what goes on behind the scenes in the production of a magazine and get a bit of hands on experience, and what magazine could me more perfect for me than Simply Crochet.

“Over the week I tried my hand at plenty of tasks that were loads of fun, especially for a crochet addict. Doing yarn reviews and pitching ideas for features was a bit of a dream come true. I got to learn about all the different elements that go into making the magazine, attended meetings and photoshoots, helped with online content, and did a bit of technical editing/design stuff. While this was fascinating for me, it was just a small part of what goes into creating Simply Crochet each month.

“In the time I was there I learnt it’s not all playing with nice wool and checking out what’s going on in the world of crochet. The team have to work incredibly hard to bring you a magazine of such quality every month – as well as all the social media and other stuff they do to keep us engaged and entertained.

“I felt really lucky to get such a unique view of the production and to hang out with some truly awesome people for the week. I loved the magazine before, but I think seeing what really goes into it, I appreciate it even more.”

You can read Matt’s full blog post here – along with more of his blog, and links to his free patterns.