Hook a vintage pattern to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Crochet vintage dress

Romance never goes out of style, and WonkyZebra – home to the best vintage crochet patterns – has a Valentine’s gift for everyone this month.

This Vintage Crochet Dress and Head Kerchief is a beautiful outfit that is a perfect example of the “elegant but hip” look of its time (1968). A last gasp of fresh prettiness before ‘elegant’ slid inexorably into ‘frumpy’ in the early seventies. You can buy the pattern here for just £2.13.

It is a very straightforward hem up pattern from Sirdar, in a good size range, of 34 to 40 inch bust. It is also in a standard 4ply (crepe) so you won’t need to worry about looking for a novelty yarn substitute.  Do check your tension, however, as vintage 4ply crepe has a tad more heft to it than modern plain ones.

It is made in a simple mesh stitch pattern; made with chain and dc mesh with alternating rows having spaced treble group blocks.

And you can choose another dress pattern free when you buy this one! Simply add code SCValentine in your message to buyer at checkout, at the Wonky Zebra Etsy store.

The code is valid from Thursday 11th February to Friday 11th March 2016 .Crochet vintage dress


The “head-kerchief” has a thick edge band in plain dc, which ties into a bow. That is so much neater than a triangular wodged up bunch of  crochet under your chin; and more controllable if tied under your hair – which is the better way to wear it.

The flower embellishments are sewn on afterwards. It needs 27 for the dress, and a whopping 32 for the scarf to achieve that look.  Of course less could be used – you could skip the hemline ones, for example, but they are a great portable bit of crochet to carry about to work on and it does look wonderfully effective with a lot.

For a current update; the dress could easily be made mini length, or as a thigh-length beach cover-up; it would even make a stunning summer top. Or how about using the kerchief as a top in itself…tie the ends around behind your waist and crop the point off into a halter neck!

And Wonky Zebra offers email support if you need any help.