Corrections in issue 34 Simply Crochet

Mandala Waistcoat, p. 52-55

When beginning first segment, instead of reading “With Poppy Red, ch8 ss into first ch to form a ring” followed by “Row 1 (RS) Ch9…” it should read:

Ch17, ss into 8th ch from hook,

Then follow the pattern as you would have after the ch9 (so dc into next ch, her etc). This will leave your yarn in the right place to create the segment.


Sarong p.25

Row 1 should read ‘With Mint, ch5 (counts as ch, tr, ch),…’

Little Monster Cushion p.48

The first paragraph is mistaken – the limbs are worked in htr and only the features (Cheeks and Eyes) are worked in dc.


Treble Tee p.83

On the Sleeves section, there are 2 too many sts in the foundation ch for the number of sts worked in the row, so start by chaining 48 (50: 52: 56: 60: 68). Thereafter the stitch counts will be 2 more than the actual stitch count but continue working as written until you have worked the first row of the Top Shaping, and have continued decreasing as instructed until 22 (22: 22: 22: 24) sts remain. Complete the Sleeves as written.