Say hello to Chili Philly and his food-themed hats!

Haven’t you always wanted to wear a giant crochet pizza on your head? Or maybe an avocado? Well even if you haven’t, Phil Ferguson – AKA Chili Philly – seems to be making a habit of it. After moving from Perth to Melbourne, the creative Australian was looking for design ideas and found them in the form of food. Taking inspiration from his job at a local burger shop, Chili Philly spent months designing his first food-themed hat – a giant burger (seen in the video below). Since then, Chili Philly has been hard at work producing more than 40 fantastic hats featuring everything from giant donuts to bacon and eggs! Check out the video below to find out more about Chili Philly and his incredible inspiration.

Chili Philly is currently an artist in residence at the Australian Tapestry Workshop and you can follow him on Twitter (@thechiliphilly), Facebook (ChiliPhilly), and Instagram (@chiliphilly). Take a look at some of his amazing designs below, our favourite has to be the funky watermelon and slightly confused expression.