The new Simply Crochet Apple Newsstand app

If you subscribe to the digital edition of Simply Crochet through the Apple Newsstand app for iPhone or iPad, you’ll notice we have a new app (to transfer the digital magazines from Future Publishing to our new publisher, Immediate Media).

The new app is free to download, and any issues you have purchased in the old app will be transferred through your account.

Before you start, please check that your iPad or iPhone is set to automatically update the Simply Crochet app. If it’s not up-to-date, you’ll need to update first: check you’re connected to the internet, then open the old app, and you’ll see a message saying “PLEASE UPDATE YOUR APP”. Tap the Update button at the bottom of that message, and you’ll be taken to the App Store. Tap the blue UPDATE button there, and the update will download once you’ve entered your iTunes password.

To transfer your back issues:

1)  Open the old app, and you’ll see a screen telling you how to transfer any back issues you had downloaded in the old app.

2) Enter your email address (it will ask you to enter it again, to confirm it’s spelt correctly) and set up a password – this must be at least 8 characters, and doesn’t need to be the same as your iTunes password. Then tap ‘Download the new app’ and it will take you to iTunes to install it.


Transfer issues

3) Once the new app is installed, tap the blue OPEN button, and you’ll see a screen saying ‘Welcome to the Simply Crochet App’. To transfer your back issues into the new app, tap ‘I am an existing reader’, and on the next screen enter your email address and the password you set up in step 2 (above). Tap Sync.

If you have any problems transferring your back issues, you can still access the old app here. In the old app you’ll also find a 2-page document with the ‘Transfer my content’ button, plus a link to download the new app.

2-page instructions

** If you have no back issues, you can just install the new app and buy issues or sign up for a free trial subscription **