Crochet Tutorials: Making a Slipknot

In these tutorial blog posts, you’ll find simple step-by-step guides to many useful stitches and techniques that you’ll use every time you pick up a hook.


Try these methods and see which works best.


1. Hold the tail of the ball of yarn in your left hand and drape the yarn clockwise over the top of it to form a circular loop.


2. Hold the loop between left thumb and forefinger, then insert the crochet hook through the centre of the loop from front to back.


3. Catch the ball end of the yarn with the hook and pull it back through the centre of the loop, taking the yarn through with it.


4. Pull both ends of the yarn to tighten the knot, then pull just the ball end to tighten the loop so it’s close to the hook, but not touching it.