Corrections in issue 26

We’re sorry, we have two corrections for patterns in issue 26.

Cabled Cardigan, p.41

On the Sleeves, after repeating Rows 5-12, it states that there should be 43 rows in total. There are actually 44 rows at this point, but all of the other maths details in this section are correct.

In addition, the 3-st cable pattern should be as follows:

Row 1 3dc.

Row 2 3dc.

Row 3 3FPtr.

Row 4 3dc.

Row 5 Skip 1 FPtr, 1FPtr in each of next 2 sts, 1FPtr into the skipped st, working in front of the existing sts.

Row 6 3dc.

Work Rows 3-6 as many times as required by pattern.

Hexagon Shawl, p.37

In the shades of yarn listed, Plum should be replaced with Rosehip (2474)