Left-handed workshop: how to hold the hook

Crochet fabric is made from a combination of chains and basic stitches. To learn how to crochet, choose a smooth woolen yarn (aran weight is ideal) and a 5 or 6mm hook, so it’s easy to see what you’re doing. If this feels too bulky try a 4mm hook and double knitting yarn. There is no right or wrong way to crochet – we’ll show you commonly used methods that are a good place to start.

Are you an artist or a chef?

Like an artist

Try holding the hook as if it’s a pencil (artist style) or a knife (chef style), about 3-5cm from the hooked end. If your hook has a flat area, hold it there. Try not to grip the hook too tightly – aim for your hand to feel relaxed. Some people find that the pencil grip enables their movements to be more fluid and to crochet more quickly, while others find the knife grip gives them more control. Try both and see what feels more natural. You might end up using both.

Like a chef

These techniques apply to right-handed crocheters too so, are you an artist or a chef?

  • Finally! Where were you when I was learning to crochet left-handed… from a right-handed mother??? Oh, yeah, that’s right, the Internet wasn’t invented way back then…LOL!

    I’m getting ready to teach a few of my grand-kids how to crochet and ALL of them are right-handed, so this should be interesting. Nevertheless, this is a good point, they way you hold the hook. I will remember this! Thanks for sharing it!


  • sandra

    wish here was more for left handed crocheter i had to teach my self how to do it there was nothing to help me . in a artist i hold my hook like that