Corrections in issue 18

We’re sorry, there’s an error in the Child’s Dotty Jumper in issue 18. If you follow the pattern as written you’ll have the correct total number of rows to achieve the required length, but there should be another bobble row written into the pattern. The corrected version is below.
In the Medium size there’s also an extra row than should have been written; again, it’s corrected below.

With Dark Turquoise, ch46 (49: 52).
Row 1 (RS) Tr in the fourth ch from hook and in each ch to end, turn. [44 (47: 50) sts]
Row 2 Ch3 (counts as tr throughout), tr in each st to end, turn.
Repeat the last row a further 0 (2: 4) times.
Work Rows 1- 12 of the Bobble Pattern twice.
Work Row 1 of the Bobble Pattern.
Work a further 4 (4: 5) rows of plain treble, as Row 2 of Back, fasten off. [31 (33: 36) rows total]