Our new Granny Square a Week app!

Today we launched our new app for iPhone and iPad, Simply Crochet Granny Square a Week!

iOS Simulator Screen shot Apr 30, 2014 11.41.34 AM Granny Square app welcome

Each week you’ll be able to download a new FREE Granny Square to add to your collection, including the pattern, chart, and all the details you need to make one.

We’re starting off with the classic Granny Square – our own favourite variation. Then each week we’ll make a different one available, using a huge rainbow of gorgeous colours combinations.

To download the app right away, visit the Apple Newsstand and search for “Granny Square” or click here.

  • Janie G. Host

    I’m a long-term crocheter and non-Apple device user. When do you plan to release this on Android?

  • KateFuture

    Hi Janie, which Android device do you use? As it’s more complex for Android than Apple to cater for all the different screen sizes. Thanks

  • Janie G. Host

    Thanks for the reply 🙂 I use two Android devices – a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini phone and a Toshiba AT300 tablet.

  • Mean Carleen

    I would LOVE to be a part of the weekly granny but I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone….Ugh!!

  • Lígia

    Greetings from Portugal!

    I am also a crocheter with no Iphone!

    We need this on Android!! Soon!!! Pleeeeease!!

  • Teresa

    I would love to do this bit git rid of my IPhone last week. Please make one so I can do this on my Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • USEyourRightToVOTE

    What about a google chrome app? I’m not an apple user either.

  • Wendy Cohoon

    Wish this worked on a kindel. I love granny squares. 🙁

  • Kimberly Raby

    I agree. I am Android. I’m a crocheted. This sucks

  • JoJo

    Ok I appreciate making an app for Android might be more complicated than for the iPhone, but what I don’t understand is, why not make the pattern available on your website for all?
    It’s very ‘elitist’ to make things only available to one group of your readers, whilst the rest of us feel left out and ignored. Crafts should be about bringing people together not segregation and discrimination!

    Please reconsider, so that we can all join in and crochet along together, instead of just the iPhone/iPad owners.

    Thank you

  • Katherine

    Do you have to get a magazine to get the pattern? I have download the app but it shows no where to download the pattern

  • Denise Donnelly

    I am addicted already, it’s ace thank you !

  • Debbie Yackanicz

    I don’t have a fancy phone only the computer. Google Chrome is the way to go.

  • Jennifer Evans

    It’s a shame that each one isn’t the same overall size, would have been nice if they were to be able to crochet them together at the end. I’ve made 1 & 2 so far, different techniques to my usual tried and tested which made a nice change

  • margie cole

    Don’t have a Iphone…BooHoo.

  • Siridatar Khalsa

    Try the following link I think they offer a digital subscription on android:


    up in the top right of the page there is a “flag” icon. You can choose the country of your choice.

  • Guest

    Try the following link I think they offer a digital subscription on android:


    up in the top right of the page there is a “flag” icon. You can choose the country of your choice.

  • ByWordAndStitch

    Is there any chance of an app for Android or PC? Because I have a windows tablet and an android phone, and I’d love to be able to use this app. Or even to put the patterns on the website?

  • tkalyan

    Unfortunately an android app is not feasible at this time, you can read the full reasons why here: http://www.simplycrochetmag.co.uk/2014/05/10/dear-everyone-uses-android-device/
    We do make all the patterns available in our monthly newsletter to though.

  • LaDonna Roberts Welter

    Thank you! FUN!

  • Helen Rollins

    Hi I have been downloading the granny squares but I haven’t been able to get any since the one released on 21/11/14 is there an issue with the iPhone app.

  • Spring M Fricks

    I’m in the US and have an iPhone. The app doesn’t work anymore. Ever since the mag switched publishers the app won’t work. I can’t even read the squares I’ve already downloaded. Ideas?