Simply Crochet meets: Bunny Mummy Jacquie

Who is Bunny Mummy? Inside issue 16 we met big-time-blogger and granny square lover Jacquie Welbourn to quiz her for some top blogging tips and a little inside information about her love of crochet. Read the full interview below….

When did you first learn to crochet?

I think I was maybe 9 or 10 years old. My Mum and Nana had tried to teach my to knit but I found it so tricky and was always dropping stitches.

It was a delight to discover crochet where you only have one stitch on your hook to worry about.

The fist finished item I remember making was a bag which was simply two largish granny squares sewn together on three sides. I made a  crochet  chain and wove it through the spaces along the open edge to create a drawstring….I was so proud of it.


What is it that you love most about crochet?

There is so much to love that it’s hard to pick a single thing. I think it’s the fact that it is such a portable, family friendly craft. It’s easy to pick up anywhere and take along on car journeys etc, if you get distracted it’s easy to pick up where you left off again later. I love making blankets which are used and appreciated in our  home, and pretty things which make me smile. When my boys were little I didn’t do anything creative for a number of years so rediscovering crochet has been wonderful.


What is your favourite thing to crochet?

I think this has got to be granny squares. They are endlessly versatile and so easy and soothing to make. From projects using tiny, two round, squares like my recent “small squares cowl” to one giant granny square made into a blanket. I’ve made so many things using this simple pattern and I’m sure I will never tire of it.


What has been your best crochet achievement?

This has to be spreading the love of crochet. I have done quite a few step by step photo tutorials on my blog and it’s always a huge thrill when somebody leaves me a message to say they have found them helpful and enjoyable. I’m particularly surprised and delighted how popular my “Easy Crochet Owl” tutorial is. Kind bloggers often leave me links to photos of their creations in my comments. It’s lovely to see these cute little owls appearing worldwide.


Where do you find inspiration?

My top source of inspiration has to be blogland. There are so many clever creative types sharing what they are making . I love that you often get to share the progression of a project, sometimes it’s over several months. Then when it’s finally finished you are really happy for the person who has created something unique and handmade with love.


What made you start blogging?

I discovered my first blog when searching for crochet patterns online. Once you stumble across one site it’s easy to follow links and find more and more inspiring blogs. These pages are often so much more than just yarny  inspiration…though that’s wonderful in it’s self.

There is such a supportive community of friendly, generous and positive people that, after reading them for about a year, I finally plucked up courage to join in.

 Now I can’t imaging not blogging regularly. Being part of this is little part of cyberspace is marvellous.  It’s always lovely to get encouraging comments on my site and to leave kind comments for those who inspire me.


Who is your crochet or blogging hero?

Ummmmm, there are so many lovely bloggers that inspire me daily, but when I first discovered Attic24  Lucy’s site  just shone out as such a happy and inspiring place that I was instantly hooked, as so many of us have been. 

Lucy is the master of colour and crochet, and writes her blog in such  a naturally chatty and enthusiastic way that it’s always a joy to visit her site. She takes beautiful photos of her daily life and shares her thoughts and inspirations freely.

 I’ve been lucky enough to meet Lucy on a couple of occasions and she really is as sweet and generous in real life as she comes across on herblog.


What advice would you give to aspiring crafty bloggers?

Well firstly, don’t be afraid of the technology…it’s really easy to set up ablog and create a little place on the world wide web where you can share what you have been creating.

Secondly try and do your creations justice with good photography so your readers can really appreciate how lovely your item is….I have done a post with photography  tips you can find on my blog.

Thirdly the best way to get people to visit your site is to leave comments on sites you love. I’ve found many of my favourite blogs by  following links to commenter’s on my blog and when reading comments on others blogs.  


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently writing up a  tutorial for some easy crochet wrist warmers that will appear on my blog very soon.

I’ve also got a granny square blanket that is nearly completed, I just need to find the time to sew the squares together and add a nice wide border. I’ve already got lots of crochet blankets, but you can’t have too many in my opinion :0)



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