Meet the maker: Luz Mendoza

The talented Luz is one of our newly discovered designers responsible for melting everyone’s hearts in issue 13 with this sleepy pair. Find out what inspires her designs as we talk Nancy dolls, Paul Smith and faking it until you make it…
When did you first start to crochet?
 I cannot honestly say when I started to crochet… or knitting or sewing!, my grandma had always have needles and hooks and fabric and yarn around and I use to sit with her in the afternoons and make something. I made lots of crochet little cardigans for my dolls, scarves and hats too. I can still recall a beautiful lace dress I made for my Nancy doll, my auntie was a tailor and she gave me some scraps from her wedding dresses tailoring business, I loved making things as a little girl!
What inspires you when you’re designing?
I read one of Paul Smith’s books and in it he says how much you can find inspiration in just about anything, the funniest thing was that just after I read the book I saw him on Tottenham Court Road tube station taking pictures of the drawings on the walls! Well he is right! just about anything can give you ideas, sometimes the ripples printed on the dress of the lady walking in front of me, sometimes the colours of the costume wore by the kids tv presenter, sometimes my kids just stand right in front of me and say:  ‘mummy I want a fellow hat with two long plaits on the ears!’
What is it you love most about making cowls? Do you have any favourites?
What I love about making cowls is how versatile they are, they way they wrapped around always keeping you warm and… well lets say it, they can be quite stylish!, my favorite have to be the cream lace cowl, I love the textured fabric, it is so warm and cozy!
What are your top tips for people looking to start their own blog?
Look at me giving tips about blogs! 🙂 I am still learning!, I do love blogging though. I first I felt like fish out of water!, I knew what I liked, I knew why but if felt really weird to talk to others about it online! Ones I got started it was kind of difficult to stop!, it turns out I have a lot to talk about, so I guess my advice is: Talk about what you are passionate about, you cannot fake passion, my motto is always been ‘fake it until you make it’, and this is true for getting started on doing something but you cannot fake the feeling you get when you see some truly beautiful piece of textile, call it crochet or otherwise.
To see more from Luz, you can follow her blog at – we’ll be browsing with some left over Christmas pud 😀