Yarndale: creatively bombing north Yorkshire

One of my favourite things about being a crocheter is the sense of community that comes along with it, especially online. And I can’t think of a better display of that companionship than the bunting project Lucy from Attic 24 recently organised for this year’s Yarndale festival.

I mean, wow.

In case you’ve not visited Lucy’s blog (perhaps that’s rather unlikely I know), I wanted to share some of the pictures with you here, because the more people who see it the better 🙂

Behind this spectacular effort is the handiwork of crocheters from 31 countries (including Malaysia, Gibraltar and South Africa), coming together to create 6,212 triangles which Lucy and her team of helpers lovingly turned into 1.25km of colourful, heartwarming, joy-filled bunting.

Lucy did a fantastic job, both in coordinating and thinking-up a project such as this, all whilst hooking-up one of the most magical yarnbombs our fair isle has seen. If there is such a thing as a yarn wonderland, Lucy’s effort and imagination went more than a fair way to turning it into a reality.

Nothing like a town filled with craftiti.

Did you make it to Yarndale? Tell us about your day in the comments below. Oh and if you have time, I suggest you visit Lucy’s blog to read the rest of the story, there’s nothing will warm the cockles of your heart quite like it on this cold Tuesday evening 🙂

Happy hooking,


P.S. The lovely ladies of Yarndale now have merchandise for sale on their online shop – a great souvenir if you visited the show, or just a great way to express your love of yarn!