The story of Gneville Gnome and his maker

Blogger and crochet designer Annemarie tells us how Gneville Gnome and his toadstool first came to life…

My handicraft instructor, who I’m going to call Mrs Handicraft in this blog post, told us we had to make an egg cosy. I was 8 years old and I didn’t understand crochet at all. I did the double crochet pretty neat, but I obviously didn’t see where to decrease. And with almost 15 children in her class room, she couldn’t keep an eye on every project, and so my egg cosy now has the size of a hat.

Sometimes I can’t believe I teach crochet myself nowadays. I own a blog about crochet and I published two (Dutch) books with crochet patterns. One of the patterns I’m most proud of is my Gnome and Toadstool pattern. It might not be the most difficult pattern I designed, but if you ask me it definitely is the cutest. I designed it for a Dutch blog competition. People had to vote for the blog they liked most, and I wanted to give my voters something in return. The competition was organised by a craft fair which took place in the fall of 2012, so I wanted the pattern to relate to fall. And that’s how I came up with the gnome and toadstool. I’m absolutely very proud that it made it to issue eight of Simply Crochet.

When I received my issue of Simply Crochet I opened the magazine and was so proud to see my Gnome and Toadstool pattern. I had to think about Mrs Handicraft. She passed away years ago, so I can’t show her my projects anymore. I would have loved to show her this issue with my patterns in it. And then I could have told her that nowadays I can make an egg cosy. And that I know where and how to decrease 🙂

Unfortunately that’s not going to happen so all I can do is keep the memory of her alive and be grateful for the fact that she was the first to try to teach me how to crochet. Thank you Mrs Handicraft!

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