Issue 6 errata

Here are the corrections for Cara Medus’ wine bottle cover featured inside issue 06. Thank you to those who spotted the mistake so we could get it corrected!

In Rows 18-22, it should not read ‘ss to top of beg ch-3’, as you are working in rows and not in the round. So….

From now on, work back and forth in rows.
row 18 Ch3, tr2tog, 9tr, (tr2tog, 10tr) 3 times, turn. [44 sts]
row 19 (ws) Ch3, tr2tog, 8tr, (tr2tog, 9tr) 3 times, turn. [40 sts]
row 20 Ch3, tr2tog, 7tr, (tr2tog, 8tr) 3 times, turn. [36 sts]
row 21 Ch3, tr2tog, 6tr, (tr2tog, 7tr) 3 times, turn. [32 sts]
row 22 Ch3, tr2tog, 5tr, (tr2tog, 6tr) 3 times, do not turn. [28 sts]

  • Louise

    Would help if you said which pattern you’re talking about!!

  • Rebecca Burgess

    is there a mistake on round 4, I can not seem to end up with 48 stitches!