Free pattern: Beautiful blooms

Learn to make Jennifer May’s pretty crochet flower the perfect accessory to help reinvent your summer wardrobe.

For a large flower, follow the complete pattern from rounds 1-4. For a medium flower, follow rounds 1-3 only.
Foundation round Ch6, ss to first ch to join into ring. Round 1 Ch1 (does not count as st), 10dc in ring, ss to beg ch-1. [10 sts]
Round 2 Ch5 (counts as htr and ch3), *2htr, ch3; rep from * 3 more times; htr, ss in top of beg ch-2. [10 htr, 5 ch-3 sp]
Round 3 Ss into ch-3 sp, in the next ch-3 sp (ch3 (counts as tr), tr, ch3, 2tr), *ch1, ss into space between 2htr, ch1, in the next ch-3 sp (2tr, ch3, 2tr); rep from * 3 more times, ch1, ss into space between htr and ch-2, ch1, ss into top of beg ch-3. [5 groups of (4 tr, ch-3 sp), 10 ch-1 sp, 10 ss]
Round 4 Ch1 (counts as dc), dc in first tr, in next ch-3 sp (5htr), 2dc, ss into each ch-1 sp, *2dc, in next ch-3 sp (5htr), 2dc, ss into each ch-1 sp; rep from * 3 more times, ss into beg ch-1.

This pattern was originally featured in issue 2 of Simply Crochet, which you can still download onto your iPad/iPhone, or android device.

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