What is…freeform crochet?

Tap into your inner artist with freeform crochet. It’s a technique where there’s no right or wrong.

When you see examples of freeform crochet, you’ll notice a relaxed, free-flowing quality. This is because the technique doesn’t use regular or repeating motifs. In fact, pieces are created as you go along and never involve following a pattern!

The appeal of freeform crochet is that there are no rules – you can add stitches wherever you like, build up blocks, and fasten off and start again just as you please. You can make all sorts of items, from cushions to cardigans, bags to throws, but it is always the technique or process that takes centre stage.

Its practitioners see each piece as an original artistic creation that evolves randomly as they work – many of them describe it as: “Painting with yarn and a hook.” Those of us who like to follow the strict guidelines of a pattern might find this freedom a bit offputting. However, freeform crochet has much to offer novice crocheters. It does not need to be large scale, it doesn’t involve a big investment of materials (it’s great for using up those scrummy bits and pieces you have in your yarn stash), and you can’t make a mistake because anything goes!

Freeform crochet can involve any combination of stitches and techniques, so you can stick to those you know and love, or adapt them as you go. Most freeform crocheters use the technique of ‘scrumbling’: building up small pieces of crochet (scrumbles) in different colours and textures, and then sewing or crocheting them together – it’s a little bit like patchwork, only without the regularity and straight lines.

This feature on freeform crochet was taken from Simply Crochet Issue 2, click here to download now.

To see more freeform crochet from the talented Heather Lightbody visit Girl with a Hook on Etsy.