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Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter by Wednesday 29th May if you would like a chance to win either our ‘big hook’ or ‘little hook’ gift pack.

In the big hook gift pack you will receive…

12mm crochet hook hand made from Welsh hazel

120 meter Hoooked Zpagetti in white

Handmade Summer magazine.

In the little hook gift pack you will receive…

3mm crochet hook made from Welsh Holly

x3 Wendy Supreme 100% lux cotton 4ply (100g)^^

Handmade Summer magazine.

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^^colour may vary slightly from picture

  • Tiina Peltola

    This would be awesome to win. Never have had much luck though. So probably just entered to see another person’s name as the winner.

    Good luck to all, and may the best crocheter win….lol

  • Glenys

    Sounds great – and yay, summer must come soon – and lovely cotton to work with!

  • Rachon Ward

    Nice contest, ty for having it.

  • cheri kelly

    oohh my those packs are divine!! That holly color is to delicious!! Here’s me crossing my fingers!

  • Rita Sewell

    Lots of fun stuff in those packs! Would be awesome to win! Best of luck everybody.

  • Alana

    Great giveaway:)

  • Dawn

    Only just started to crochet, and found your magazine on Saturday in the supermarket shelves; am hooked! (excuse the pun:) Lovely giveaway, especially the little hook pack; would love to win! Good luck everyone!

  • Donna

    I would love to win this. Working with interesting yarns is always a challenge.

  • Nikki

    Great stuff to give away I live in hope!

  • Tracy Wronkowski

    I would love to win either package. I love trying new yarns and new hooks. It only took me 30 years to break out and leave acrylic yarn behind. Then again, I don’t have much to choose from in my local craft stores. Love alpaca, angora, mohair, silk and wool. Willing to try cotton again – hated the common and cheap stuff.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to try new things.

  • Kim Szukics

    Would love to try this, never tried this before and would love to learn something new. Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  • Wow, very nice. 😉

  • Tracy miller

    I am a newbie to crocheting. Our church has a prayer shawl ministry and I have seen the comfort these shawls can bring people.

  • Babs

    I am always looking for more inspirations and trying new patterns. I love your magazines.

  • cherryonmay

    if i win my baby will be a happy baby.mummy is going to make something for him

  • Sue

    Fab giveaway! I’ve been meaning to try the Zpagetti :0)))

  • audrey henderson

    i wish, i wish…

  • Eryl Williams

    Love to crochet. Xxxx Hope to win.

  • Vanessa Dukovic

    Oooohhhhhh lovely

  • Jane Louis

    Love this mag and blog soooooo much! To win one of these prizes would be amazing!! 🙂 x

  • Sandra Rhule

    Small hook please! Fab prize for ” The Crochet Guru”!

  • Would love to win!

  • Beverly Graham

    The crochet hooks sound intriguing. Never had one like that. In fact, all this is new to me. Definitely signing up for the newsletter. Would love to be one of the winners. Good luck to all.

  • Beverly Graham

    What a grand give-away. The crochet hooks are intriguing being made of Welsh Hazel and Welsh Holly. This would be a fabulous opportunity to try new yarns that I have not seen before. Good luck to all.

  • Love your magazine and find all the patterns great and easy to follow would love to win your prize as I love to crcjet

  • oo lovely would love to win this

  • Ali

    I would love to win the big hook pack – hopefully I’ll be lucky for once!!! Good luck everyone 🙂

  • georgina isherwood

    These look like great sets, such lovely cotton. Everything is crossed to win !!

  • Nanette

    I’d love to try the zpaghetti 🙂

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Sarah

    Would love to try these yarns. 🙂

  • Marian Gallen

    Oh I would love to win this. I have only recently started crocheting and haven’t used either of these hook sizes. Here’s hoping.

  • Helen joannoy

    Thank you!

  • Nicola Overton

    I learnt to crochet through your magazine, it’s fantastic and so are your give aways. Keep up the good work.

  • Cathy Porteus

    Signed up

  • Cheryl Woods

    Love Simply Crochet magazine, looking forward to making things from it and it would be awesome to hopefully win something, good luck to us all.

  • Kate Markus

    Ooh i’d love to win, i never win anything!!

  • Sinead Gray

    Great prize and what a wonderful magazine! I’m really enjoying each issue – missed issue four but wont be losing out in future.

  • Georgina Gates

    Ooh yes please, I would cross my fingers but then I wouldn’t be able to crochet. Both of those hooks look like magical wands :0 ) some lucky winner will be making magic Good luck to all

  • Georgina Gates

    Ooh yes please, I would cross my fingers, but then I wouldn’t be able to crochet. Both of those hooks look magical :0 )some lucky winner will be making magic. Good luck to all

  • Vicki

    If only I could be so lucky!!

  • Georgina Gates

    Ooh yes please I would cross my fingers, but then I wouldn’t be able to crochet. Both hooks look magical, some lucky winner will be making magic

  • Georgina Gates

    Ooh yes please, I would cross my fingers but then I wouldn’t be able to crochet, both of these hooks look magical and some lucky winner will be making magic Good luck to all

  • Anjuli Clayden

    Big hook would be amazing! But equally happy with either. Fingers are crossed 🙂

  • This would be a great win!

  • What a lovely giveaway! I just love Hooked Zpagetti yarns, but somehow, they’re difficult to find for me! Good luck everyone!

  • Lee Smith

    beautiful book and yarn. thanks for the chance at winning.

  • Brenda Maxwell

    Would love to win one of these, need new projects to work on.

  • Shelia Claring

    Would like to win either package!! Always willing to try something new.

  • Mandy W

    Just signed up. What fabulous prizes! Love the small hook 🙂

  • kim bettis

    Would love to win one of these.

  • Anna Edith Jones

    This is the best magazine – and a win would be awesome!

  • Mary Ann Taylor

    I’m always looking for something to do.

  • Teresa

    Hi i’m a newby to this crochet thing, and very eager to learn. The book looks fab cant wait till it comes out, and if I win more the better, mind you, I never win anything but hey! gotta be init to win it 🙂

  • Dina Barlow

    Love crochet, glad to see it seems to be making a come back. Lookin forward to crocheting something special for my twin grandaughters.

  • Tracey O’Brien

    Great prize AND looking forward to your newsletter…

  • LeaMarian

    This would be perfect for me as we do not get this magazine in Duluth, MN yet. and would love to purchase but it’s out of my price range at this time… but do love visiting your site here and on FB

  • Leslie Johnson

    I never win, but I keep trying.

  • jeanette kruger

    I love to crochet, this is by far the best mag on the market! And what a prize! My imagination is already churning!

  • Louise tomes

    Would love to this prize

  • Rebecca Boukikaz

    Both packages look very nice. The yarns and hooks are amazing.

  • michelle hurst


  • Emily Carter

    This would be perfect for my next crochet class 🙂

  • Tiina Peltola

    Love the colors for both projects and would love winning either one.

    Tanks, keep up the good work.

  • Rebecca Luttrell

    It would be nice to win. Nice cntest

  • Christie South

    I signed up! I have only just discovered Simply Crochet. Fabulous from what I see online. Wish I could afford a subscription. I have advanced RA. Moving forward from more than a year’s bad flair-up, I’m using crochet not only as physical therapy to keep my hands available to me for as long as possible, but also to keep my wits about me–reading and following patterns. I don’t remember seeing my mother ever sit without a crochet hook in her hand. Now I know why. Crocheting helps just about everything!

  • Migdalia Miranda

    I will like to win.

  • Murielle

    You don’t say if this is available for overseas readers, so I hope it is. We love your magazine in New Zealand too!!

  • You would make me happy 🙂 but soooo many of us. good luck 🙂

  • Sandra Degrow

    It would be a treat to try something new and fresh for the summer. Thank-you so much.

  • Megan Cleland

    This would be amazing to win. I have started crocheting again after a long absence. The ideas of colour and techniques are mind boggling.

  • Vicky Barboza

    Love the Zpagetti!

  • Gillie

    Oh my goodness! I never win anything, but this I just had to give it a try! How wicked would it be if I managed it!? I had to leave my knitting and crochet on hold for a bit… I think this would tempt me to get right back at it! In a flash!

  • Gillie

    I agree, I wish I could afford a subscription too… `*sigh*

  • Autumn Skye

    Wouldnt it be just wonderful to win one of these 🙂 I just love to crochet, its my chillin out thing !

  • Rhian McCarthy

    These hooks just need to come back to Wales to live with me plus wool

  • Kelley Manigault

    I love trying out new yarns! 🙂

  • Julie Smallwood

    Would love to win either of these kits, but I think, if I did, I would pass some of it to a fried of mine, who is just learning to crochet.

    Looking forward to seeing winner, and good luck to everyone xx

  • Catriona Heggs

    Purple, my favourite colour!

  • Vonnie Vanden Berg

    I like what you are offering .I make a lot of things for charities besides friends and family.Nice to try to win something.

  • Amy O’Shaughnessy

    Yes please!

  • Becky Burns

    Only problem if I win will be which one to choose!!

  • Ellie


  • Jenny Johnson

    Both packs look Fab.

  • nicky sutton

    Good luck everyone, I would be delighted to win either prize. Really enjoy simply crochet, actually I am hooked on it!

  • Holly

    Have been trying to enter this competition but don’t think the page is loading correctly so it won’t let me enter the code word or which set I would like. Really want to enter this comp and can’t.

  • Am I going nuts?

    But where are the entry fields for:
    “What is the keyword for this giveaway? You’ll find it inside Issue six’s newsletter. ”
    “Which gift pack would you prefer? ”

    I keep getting:
    “Your entry wasn’t accepted for the following reasons:
    ■The following question requires entry: What is the keyword for this giveaway? You’ll find it inside Issue six’s newsletter. .
    ■The following field(s) requires entry: Which gift pack would you prefer?.”

    How can I fill in the required fields if there are no fields to fill in?

  • CarolineGregory

    Like most people I never ever won a thing in my life. But hey ho! U have to be in to win it. I’ve only just started learning to crochet and winning either set would be a dream come true. I love the pretty things I can make for my babies from this magazine! I’m gonna do a subscription so I don’t miss an issue! Good luck everyone x

  • Emma Joyner

    BIG Hook please..

  • Sarah Jones

    What a lovely prize and made from uk wood too.

  • lisa fenton

    love to win, great mag xx

  • jane

    Really would love !

  • Georgina Cambridge

    Would love to try with this yarn. I’ve recently tried plastic yarn. I’d try anything new.

  • sandra keith

    would love to win, lovely mag as well.

  • Rain Johnson

    I would love to win this – have never won anything before – so I have my fingers and TOES crossed. Thanks – Rain Johnson