Inside the mag…an amigurumi sensation

Taken from inside issue one, when we caught up with Stephanie Lau from All About Ami to talk crochet, blogging and newborns…

Light and welcoming, the home of Canadian crochet artist Stephanie Lau is filled with her personality. New mum to two-month-old Myla, Stephanie is uncannily energetic, eagerly talking about her love of amigurumi: the Japanese art of creating crocheted stuffed toys.

“I always loved crafts as a child’, she enthuses. “I learnt how to knit and crochet when I was 10, and I crocheted afghans, purses, stuffed animals and sweaters for my teddy bears.” At high school and then university, however, crafting took a back seat as she focused on her studies. “It wasn’t until after I got married and started working that I delved back into my old hobbies, and discovered amigurumi. I found pictures of adorable stuffed crocheted animals online, from Star Wars characters to cupcake bears. They were all incredibly cute with their typically oversized heads and undersized extremities – it amazed me that people could design and make such cute creations, simply using yarn and a crochet hook!”


Stephanie developed her new skills, and the next step was making creatures of her own. “Designing amigurumi really stretches my creativity when I’m figuring out how I want it to look and what shapes I need. It can be time-consuming because I’m meticulous when writing out my patterns, but it’s exciting seeing it all come together!”

Her latest challenge, however, lies in fitting her craft life around her family life, especially her new role as a mum. “It is difficult finding time to crochet with a newborn, but I’ve worked on a few projects here and there,’ she says. “I find crochet very therapeutic and relaxing, so I’m happy I can continue to pursue it – it’s easy to pick up some yarn and a crochet hook when you have a few moments, and you feel so productive when you finish making something, like a baby hat.”

Her new daughter has also provided plenty of inspiration. “i’ve had a lot of fun crocheting items for Myla, from hats and sweaters to items  such as her stork pouch. I made the pouch thinking it would cover Myla’s entire body, but it barely covered half of her – we have a tall baby! I’m also very excited about the panda outfit I’ve made, and some matching mommy-and-baby hats and headbands!”

Stephanie enjoys connecting online with crafters across the globe. “It’s fun seeing what my fellow crochet and amigurumi artists are up to on their blogs, including Ana Paula Rimoli,’ she says. “Pepika and Berrysprite both have a great eye for design, and I get a lot of craft inspiration from CraftGawker. I’m on Ravelry a lot, and I’ve connected with other young amigurumi artists such as Wolfdreamer, A Morning Cup of Jo, and Sweet N Cute Creations. There’s great camaraderie in the amigurumi community.”

Through being an avid blog follower, Stephanie has founded her own – “i was taking many picutres of my amigurumi, and really wanted to share the story behind each project,’ she explains. “My blog is a way for me to document  my own work, as a diary and portfolio.’ Stephanie’s blog features guides to her techniques to aid other amigurumi enthusiasts. “I thought people might benefit from seeing the step-by-step making instead of just the pattern and final product, and many people have told me they really appreciate this aspect of my blog. It breaks the whole process down so people can see what a project looks like from start to finish.”


Stephanie’s husband has encouraged her interests right from the beginning. “Ryan was so excited when I picked up my love of crochet again, and helped me start the blog,’ she says. “We work together on our amigurumi – he helps with the initial sketches and stitches the faces.”

Ryan also takes the beautiful photos we’ve been enjoying on the blog, and helped Stephanie turn part of their home in Edmonton, Alberta, into a dedicated workspace. “it’s wonderful working as a husband and wife team on these projects!” Stephanie exclaims. “We created a bright atmosphere that I love working in. I use the space efficiently: I have my computer, a comfy chair, and a lot of storage for my yarn and crafty supplies. I love going into this special space!”

Ryan is even partly responsible for Stephanie’s gorgeous Chinese New Year Dragon, which appears in this issue. “Ryan encouraged me to make the Dragon, it seemed challenging,” she admits/ “I’m so thankful that Ryan always supports me.”

Stephanie also enjoys making crocheted hats and scarves. “it’s fun making things you can wear, especially because where I live gets very cold in the winter. I love the richness and depth of really chunky projects. I love making items for the home, too, such as chair socks – to prevent chairs from scuffing the floors – and storage baskets.”

Amigurumi remains her first love, though. “There’s something so satisfying about an amigurumi project – you crochet all the separate parts, stuff them, position and assemble them, and stitch on the face. It’s amazing to see a crocheted stuffed animal come to life!”