Tutorial: how to make a LED crochet birdcage necklace

The very talented Yoshiko has joined us to share her tutorial for a crochet birdcage necklace with us exclusively on the blog. You may recognise these necklaces as they are featured inside Issue 4!

You will need…

Crochet hook
White yarn
5mm LED (white)
LED cap (blue)
3V coin cell battery
Vinyl tape

+ Scissors and a needle

Step one – make your light

Tape the LED leads to the battery (the longer lead touching positive + and the shorter lead touching negative – of the battery ).
Keep the tape very tight.

Use a blue LED cap to make the necklace’s light more subtle.

Step 2 – crochet around the LED

Make a magic ring and make 6 single crochet into the loop.

Do 1 single crochet into each stitch. Now it is time to decrease to cover the LED and battery.

Step 3 – build the birdcage

1 single crochet into each stitch around.

Make a chain 6.

Stitch through top of birdcage to close securely.

Step 6 – attach a chain.

A big thank you to Yoshiko for sharing her tutorial with us, to see more of her work click here.