Project bag essentials with Wink

Whether you’re crocheting whilst traveling, or in the comforts of your own home, having a project bag is a must-have for us crocheters. I make sure I always have these five items with me in my project bag:

Stitch markers

You’re working away on your project, counting stitches in your head, and suddenly someone sees you crochet and decides to come over for a little chat. You tell them all about your current WIP (work in progress), about the yarn and who the project is for, After a while you return to your work and – oh no! You forgot the count! For this situation and many others, stitch markers are perfect. Whether you’re working in the round, or with a large amount of stitches (a starting chain for example); stitch markers are the answer. Since they are very handy but also very little, make sure you have a bunch of them. I have lost more than one stitch marker when I was working on a project whilst on a train; I have even lost a couple while sitting on my sofa. There are cheap stitch markers and fancy stitch markers, I usually bring the ‘disposable’ ones with me when I travel.

Darning needles

You’ve finished a project but all you have left to do is sew those pesky ends in? Darning needle to the rescue! My favourite darning needles have a blunt tip and a fairly large hole; perfect for threading cotton yarn for instance. Because let’s be honest; nobody wants to show off their latest project with the ends still hanging.

A pair of scissors

There are a lot of different kinds of scissors, and not all of them are suitable for taking with you in a project bag full of yarn. When I travel, the pair I most often bring with me is a pair of kid’s hobby scissors. They’re perfect because they are fairly small and have no pointy ends, preventing them from poking holes in your bag. A pair of special yarn clippers are also suitable because they have a cap on them to protect the shears, and the lining of your project bag.

A notebook

Wherever I go, I always bring a notebook. Ideas can come to you when you least expect them, so make sure to have a place to put those gems. I’m using a Traveler’s Notebook because it is highly customisable and have room for multiple notebooks, making it easier to find back your notes later.

Crochet hooks!

Everybody has a particular size crochet hook that they love to work with. I have the luxury of having two favourite crochet hooks. Both of them are Clover 4mm hooks, and I use them to crochet just about anything. When traveling, make sure you don’t bring your most special hook, even if it.s the most comfortable to use; you’ll want to take a hook that is replaceable, just in case you should loose one.


A big thank you to Wink for stopping by and giving us a peek into her project bag. To see more make sure you visit and keep an eye out in upcoming issues of Simply Crochet!