Reader makes from Simply Crochet Issue 2

Bunnies, booties, bows and bunting!

Row one: bow hair band bitchinstitchin | fingerless gloves (pattern from Mollie Makes) Daisy Jones | booties Rachel Thurlby

Row two: pocket Heidi Moore | motifs Rachel Atkinson  | bunny Rachel Davies

Row three: bunny Jo D-M | Easter bunting Joanne Farrier | Bunny in progress Nicola Lucas

Since issue two of Simply Crochet came out this month you guys have been busy creating some fantastic things from the projects inside. We thought we’d share a few with you today to inspire you to keep hooking.

Let us know in the comments below which projects you’re attempting next, and don’t forget to join us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to share your latest makes.



  • Poppy

    Sad my picture of my motif wristwarmers that I posted to the Facebook page didn’t make it, I am very proud of them and they look so pretty in king cole riot yarn.
    Am making the chunky motif bag next, done all the motifs and just need to fit them to the promotional tote bag I’m using as the liner.
    I was pleasantly surprised to find several items I wanted to make, and this has inspired me to find out more about freeform crochet as well, thank you!

    • TanyaK

      We loved your wristwarmers too, unfortunately we couldn’t put all the great makes we received into one post.

  • Daisy Jones

    Hello Simply crochet!
    Love that you included my wrist warmers….from mollie makes Hurrah!!
    Thank you from one of your greatest fans….Daisy j

  • Linda

    Fantastic I love this magazine. I’ve wanted to make about 6
    different things in issue 2.
    Keep it up.

  • Nic

    I’m loving Simply Crochet. Thanks for including my Itty-Bitty Bunny progress pic. He is almost finished now :)

  • saz_12345

    Just a question about the itty-bitty bunny pattern… I’m still fairly new to the crochet scene and I made the bunny but its rather a big bunny than itty! In the pattern where its states dc does it in fact mean sc (us version)?
    Thanks in advance


    • Leanne

      I am having a bit of trouble interpreting the itty-bitty bunny pattern too. The body instructions from about Row 4 is where my problems start! I’m not sure what to believe, the “2dc, then 2dc into next stitch and repeat to end”. Or to increase the row by 6 stitches. The numbers don’t add up unless I am interpreting wrong.

      Please help experienced crochetters (please correct me here too!).

      Good luck Sarah!

      Brisbane Australia

      • Clare

        I too am stuck with the Itty Bitty Bunny. I managed the increasing from row 4 – it just follows the same pattern as rows 2 and 3. However, I’m on round 13 and the 48 stitches that the pattern suggests I should have, but seem to need 102 stitches to start it! Or do I decrease over 3 rows? Help!!


  • dmpls916

    I know the pattern is probably very easy but, I’m having a bit of an issue with the bow headband pattern. On the bands part I’m so confused on how to finish it off and how it comes together. I’m a bit new to crochet but, I do get stumped at times. I need help to finish it :(

    • Kate

      Hi, I’ve replied to your comment on the bow hairband page. Let me know if it helps.