Simply Crochet Issue 2 yarn shopping list


Issue two of Simply Crochet is out in the shops today so to make sure your ready to start hooking we thought we’d give you the skinny on all the yarns you’ll need….


Soft Cotton DK (100% Cotton, 450g/900m) 1 cone of each white, (1) Petal (31), Glacier (29), Lilac (30).

Panama 4ply (50% cotton, 50% acrylic, 500g/2000m) 1 cone of Primula (271)

Panama 4ply, (50% cotton, 50% acrylic, 500g/2000m) 20g Salmon (111) (used doubled)


Fairytale Dreamtime 4ply (100% wool, 50g/170m) 1 ball of pastel blue

Debbie Bliss


Aran (55% merino wool, 33% mircofibre, 12% cashmere 50g/90m) 6 balls of shade 047


Panama (55% viscose, 33% cotton, 12% linen, 50g/135m) 1 ball each of:

Yarn A Jacaranda (308) Yarn B Orchid (304) Yarn c Begonia (306) Yarn D Tulip (307)

Yarn E Aster (310)

Yarn F Dahlia (305)


Mohair Bouclé (70% mohair, 30% wool, 100g/200m), 1 ball in Grape

Erika Knight

Maxi Wool (100% wool, 100g/80m) 5 skeins of Artisan (20)


Almerino DK (50% baby alpaca, 50% merino wool, 50g/112.5m) 21 balls of Yarn A Cornish (201) 5 balls each of Smoothie (209), Gooseberry (207), Strawberry Cream (203), Glace (205), Grape (204), and Custard (210)


Soft Wool (100% New Wool, 50g/110m) 2 balls of Ruby (00030)(Yarn A) 1 ball of Turquoise (00065) (YarnB)

Toft DK

Baby Alpaca (100% British alpaca wool, 100g/230m) 1 skein in colour of your choice,


Petra 3 (100% cotton, 100g/280m) 2 balls of 5666

Stranded embroidery cotton, 1 skein each of 554 (lilac), 3805 (pink), 743 (yellow), 472 (green)

Stranded embroidery cotton, 1 skein each of white, 743 (yellow), 3805 (pink)

Stranded embroidery cotton, 1 skein each of White, 3845 (blue), 554 (lilac), 472 (green)

Stranded embroidery cotton, 1 skein each of White, 3805 (pink)


Classique Cotton DK, (100% cotton, 100g/184m) 1 ball each of White (3660), Soft Lime (3663), Hot Pink (3668)

Classique Cotton DK, (100% cotton, 100g/184m) 1 ball of Sunflower (3662)

King Cole

Merino blend DK (100% wool, 50g/112m) 1 ball of Clerical (049)


  • Jeannie Benn

    I was delighted with the 1st issue and have just completed the “Little Cherub” pattern for my newest Grand-daughter age just 4 weeks. The pattern was really clear and easy to follow. I did have a slight problem with tension, the four ply Snuggly was far too fine and I eventually found that the DK was much more suitable and the completed size perfect.
    I would love to do an on-line subscription but have been unable to find out how and, what at cost. Is there any chance you could assist?
    I am however, going to make a special trip to my village today to see if I can get issue two before they fly off the shelves as I am sure they will.

    • Dawn

      Hi Jeannie, I am sure you have found the link by now, but just in case you haven’t. It’s on the top right next to the image of the new magazine. Click on this and it will take you right to it and you can still get 3x issues for £5 hope this helps Dxx

  • Dawn

    I have also made something already, Mug warmers (as they were so quick) I have them on my blog if you want to stop by xx