Corrections for Issue 1

We have a few corrections from issue 1 of Simply Crochet, sorry for any inconvenience.

Chunky Cowl, p.56

The tension and measurements information were missed off this pattern. They read as follows:

Each row of the cowl forms the length of the cowl, and the top opening is narrower than the bottom. With RS facing the bottom edge will be at the beginning of the row.
Tension: 1 complete row of 25 sts meas the length of the cowl (33cm/13in)

Finished size (with cowl seamed and lying flat): Top opening 31cm (12in), bottom opening 54cm (21in), length 33cm (13in)

Errors in the first section of the pattern are marked in red below:
Using 12mm hook ch26.
Row 1 1dc into second ch from hook, 1dc into next 5ch, 1htr into next 8ch, 1tr into each ch to end, turn. [25 sts]

Row 2 (RS) Ch3 (counts as tr), 1tr into next 2sts, *miss 1 st, 1tr into next 3 sts, 1tr into missed st (mock cable worked); rep from * 4 more times, 1tr into last 2sts, turn.

Row 3 Ch1 (does not count as st), 1dc into next 6sts, 1htr into next 8sts, 1tr into each st to end, turn.

Rows 2 and 3 form pattern. Repeat these two rows until the bottom edge meas approx 108cm, then work row 2 once more, fasten off.


Bracelets, p.74

At the end of Round 1 it should read: Rep this round 4 more times.


Baby Blanket, p.62

At the end of Rows 1, 3, and 5, the stitch count should read

‘[9 patt rep of (7-tr shell and 7 dc),  7 dc and 2 4-tr ‘half shells’]’

The stitch pattern is a multiple of 14 + 1. The 10 repeats of 14 sts are accounted for in this row by 9 full repeats and 1 repeat, which provides the half shells at either end of the row.


Pearly Queen p.46

The 4.5mm hook should not appear in the ‘You Will Need’ list. The pattern is worked with a 4mm (US G/6 hook).

Little Cherub p.77

On the diagram on p.78, the arrow to indicate the sleeve measurement should show the length of the underarm seam, not the total length of the sleeve piece.

  • gotta run
    to the store!!!
    Spring is in the air 🙂

  • Lynn

    I am very disappointed. I’m not an expert crocheter, but decided to invest in Simply Crochet for one pattern – the chunky cowl.

    Having spent several hours over three evenings working on it, and beginning to think a further twelve repeats is nowhere near enough, and why I’d I needed to buy three balls of yarn, when I came across these not insignificant errors and omissions. Was the pattern tested?

    That’s a chunk of my life I won’t get back, and the corrections are published without even an apology.

  • Kate

    Hi Lynn
    We’re sorry for the inconvenience, we had a few teething problems with issue 1 and our error-checking wasn’t as thorough as we would hope. We will always post any corrections here as soon as they’re spotted.
    Are you getting on ok with your cowl now? We’d love to see photos when it’s finished…

  • Elizabeth Horn

    You state in February magazine that the dragon pattern is on page 49. It is not! Where can I get it.

  • Jacqui Arnold

    I have been trying to make the girls lacy cardigan in issue 1 but having started again several times, I still cant get the pattern to work, having made the chain of motives for the border , the problem seems to be when you have made the 19 repeats, if you turn the work as it says, the 1st dc into the top of the 3 ch crosses the work, it you dont turn it, it makes more sense, but the two sides of the cardigan still do not match-does this make sense? My daughter really wants this for her new baby but at this rate she will be old enough to make it herself.
    All help will be gratefully received. Thank you.

  • Janet Eyre

    Love the mag, but can someone check the pattern for the sweet frames. Round one has to be wrong! if you follow the pattern you chain 2, chain 3, chain 3 repeat, but then round two says miss two chain space, work into 3 chain sp, miss next 2 chain space – there are two three chain spaces! Corrections? should it have been 2ch then 3ch then 2ch alternatively…?

  • Really disappointed, I was going to subscribe to this magazine but won’t now because of the amount of pattern mistakes. At £4.99 an issue, I would expect the patterns to be tested!! I am nearly at the end of the cowl and realised that surely the pattern was wrong, but I though it was my inexperience….obviously not, come on ‘simply crochet’ this just isn’t good enough.

  • Maggie

    Hi, in the back, issues 1 and 2 list the abbreviation for both treble crochet and double treble crochet as (dtr). Might want to correct for future issues…especially, for us taking the extra step of converting UK to U S. thanks!

  • Juanita

    How about an illustrated crochet mock cable stitch with the pattern
    Will you have any symbol crochet for us visual people? I enjoy this magazine because it has easy designs. I cannot read the abbreviated directions. It is very confusing for me. I have spent several minutes with the cowl pattern and my hang up is the mock cable stitch.

  • Amelia

    I am trying to make the light lacy bolero from issue 3 and cannot understand the armhole shaping. I’m doing the small size and the increase description for row 9 adds up to 28 clusters not 27 so I can’t decide where to put the markers. Then in row 10 the increase description of where to put the extra tr is really unclear. I was enjoying it up till this point and have spent 2 hours trying to find what I am supposed to do on these 2 rows. Could you maybe try printing charts too in future.

  • Sarah Ludington

    I noticed that, too, but I had issue #1 and recognized the dragon from page 49 of that issue. 😮

  • Lynn Hamilton

    Your designs are lovely, but I am VERY frustrated! I have been working on the “Shape Neck and Armholes” section of the pattern for the girl’s lace cardigan for 2 days and can’t get the stitches to work out. I have crocheted fitted garments for YEARS; I only mention that so you know I am not an inexperienced crocheter. Is the shape in the diagram accurate; i.e. are the sleeve edges of the front and back as straight as they appear in the sketch? When the directions say “Ch 3, 1 tr in next tr,” does that mean I should tr in the st directly below the ch 3, since it does not specify that ch 3 as a tr + ch 1 as it does elsewhere in the pattern? I don’t want to give up on it, and I’m seriously trying to solve the problems myself, but . . . .

  • Lynn Hamilton

    How do I contact you? I just spent a lot of time asking a question about a pattern, and the comment “disappeared.” Is this the venue to use to ask questions about patterns? I have spent DAYS attempting to solve a problem I’m having with the Girl’s Lacy Cardi from Issue #1, and would like to get some help before I have to give up the time and expense invested so far. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

  • Lynn Hamilton

    How can I get help with a pattern in Issue #1? I have been working on the Girl’s Lacy Cardigan for 3 days, and can’t figure out the “back and front” section. There seems to be an inconsistency when stitches are labeled “Counts as a (tr)” and when it doesn’t specify. I have crocheted fitted garments for years, as well as having designed my own patterns; I only mention this so that you know I am not an inexperienced crocheter. I am trying to make my own modifications where the directions are not clear, but, since there is no detailed diagram with specific measurements, nor are there stitch counts for each row, I can’t know how to make the design decisions. I would appreciate any help you can provide; I would hate to give up on it, which would mean my time and cost of the yarn would be wasted.

  • sally

    I’m having the exact same problem in the armhole shaping of this pattern, have spent more time frogging and re-reading this section than I have on any other pattern…very dissapointed especially as have spent way too much on yarn to just leave this in my yarn bag…also mag is costly enough to xpect the patterns to be tested and for the pattern wording to be clearer. Please help us

  • TanyaK

    Hi there Lynn, please could you email your pattern query to, we’ll look into it and get back to you. Thanks!

  • Lynn Hamilton

    Another snag regarding the pattern for the Girl’s Lace Cardi: In addition to my many questions about the LEFT FRONT, there’s an obvious inconsistency between the diagram and the written directions in crocheting the sleeves. The diagram shows the whole sleeve as being 33 cm. However, the written directions say to work the increase section (up to SHAPE SLEEVE TOP) to a measurement of 33 cm and THEN work for another 10 rows, which is almost 9 more cm!!!! Which should I follow: the diagram or the written directions? Please respond to these questions so that I don’t have to lose the time I’ve already invested (in addition to the yarn I’ve purchased for this project). Thank you so much.

  • Lynn Hamilton

    Have you had any luck w/ this pattern? I’m just about ready to take it apart and give up! I have done the sleeves and the bottom, up to the R & L Fronts. I can’t figure out the armhole/neck shaping at all. If there were a detailed diagram, I know I could make my own modifications, but, without any clue about what was intended, I can’t adjust the pattern! Please let me know if you found a solution. Thanks!

  • Emma Joyner

    I’m also having problems with the Girl’s Lacy Cardigan… the numbers just dont add up when starting the divide for the shape for the neck and armhole. As someone else said, there needs to be a better diagram to help us more!

  • Shelly P.

    Even after the corrections I am still having issues with the Mock Cable Cowl. I am only able to get 4 cables where there should be five. Are there any additional corrections? I was really looking forward to making this to give away at Christmas but I can’t finish it….Help!!!!!

  • TanyaK

    Hi Shelly, I’ve passed your message onto our Tech Editor to have a look at, will be back with some help for you soon as we can. Tanya

  • TanyaK

    Hi Shelly, back with a message from our tech editor – check that after you have worked the first row you have 25 sts. Each cable takes up 4 sts, making a total of 20, then there are 3 extra sts at the beginning of the row (including the turning chain), and 2 sts at the end of the row. Is it possible that you are using more than 4 sts of the previous row for each cable repeat?

  • Chris Shadbolt

    I’m trying to make the brooches in the August Issue. The bow tie works OK, although I think a 3.50 hook would work out better as the repeat rows are too many for my tension work. However, despite several attempts, I cannot make the flower brook or the round brooch work out right. Are there any typos or errata I should know about? I’m an experienced crocheter of many years, so I would appreciate your input.

  • Lauren

    I am glad someone else has spotted this mistake too, I am disappointed that the website hasn’t added it as a correction. I agree with your correction although it took me until the third frame to realise why the pattern didn’t make any sense! I was disappointed with my subscription to the magazine so have stopped it now.